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Oh, My People

November 4, 2018
By samisilk BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
samisilk BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Oh, my people

How I mourn for you

How I cry for you

How I’d die for you

Oh, my people

You were just being you

There was nothing you could do

As he shot you down too

Oh, my people

I promise I’ll never forget

I promise that I won’t let

This promise be an empty regret

Oh, my people

This won’t have been for nothing

Everyone will remember something

This hate will end and we’ll all start loving

My people

When the kids are in charge

We won’t let this slide

We won’t let them hide

In the safety of their hate

My people

When the kids are in charge

We won’t stay silent

We won’t defend violent

Acts of anger and terror

And still

Oh, my people

How I long for you

Desperate pleas of safety

Tumbling from my lips

Oh, my people

How I love you

Oh, my people

We will be strong

The author's comments:

I am a 15-year-old girl who lives in the Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh area where the Tree of Life synagogue shooting took place last weekend. I have written these poems to help me cope with the tragedy. 

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