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The One Shaped Like You

October 30, 2018
By paytonhudgins GOLD, Valdosta, Georgia
paytonhudgins GOLD, Valdosta, Georgia
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Your world contains shadows,

Of which I wish to dispel.

I want to be your light, though

Onyx chains, black as death

Bind me, holding me back

From showing you

The way I feel.

My life is concerned,

With your well-being,

Though the mist surrounding me

Shows naught but half of who I am.

Tendrils of insanity curled around me,

But you were the first,

And only person to pierce them.

Seeing part of who I really was,

After living a lie,

Was the first gift you gave to me,

But it wasn’t the last.

You showed me love,

You taught me trust, and compassion

You gave me life,

A life of which I never imagined,

Only marred by the fact,

That it’s not a life

Where you’re beside me.

Others cannot see

What you really mean to me.

All they can see is

Light and shadow and

In between

For them, you’re normal.

But you’re not normal to me.

You’re extraordinary.

Because, even though you may never know,

A piece of you is carried in my heart

Every day, and my cracked soul

Is missing only one piece.

The one shaped like you.

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