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September 15, 2018
By Soup1039 PLATINUM, Christiana, Pennsylvania
Soup1039 PLATINUM, Christiana, Pennsylvania
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I swear

People can taste my desperation

For a real friend

They come to me

Act nicely and smile

And I think

Maybe this one's a real friend”

And I open my heart

But then they change

Asking for money, a ride, something

And I give it to them

Anything to have a friend

They spill my secrets to the world

But that’s small because

At least I have a friend

I’ve learned to never open up

To keep the gates

to my heart closed

Because I can’t bring myself

to trust anyone

Because I know

They’ll betray me

So what’s the use in trying

I act nice in the front

Smile and let conversation

Spill out of my mouth

Like a friend would

But the words don’t mean anything

I stay at home alone

and read books

Wrapped in the embrace

Of the characters

Because I know

I can trust them

I make a mask on social media

Because there no one cares

who you are in real life

To my followers

I’m funny, confident and caring

And they like me

Even though I don’t know them

And they don’t know me

But a friend is a friend

Even if they betray me

Even if all I know them as

Is just a username

Because having a friend

Even if their bad to me

Is still a friend

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