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September 4, 2018
By anya02 BRONZE, Reading, Other
anya02 BRONZE, Reading, Other
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You close your eyes,

And snuggle down beneath the sheets,

Counting the number of cars on the street.


You hear a noise,

A faint, familiar buzz,

Followed by many others, still heard under the fuzz.


You question whether,

You can be bothered to get up,

Or stay in bed, ignoring the hubbub.


You finally decide,

To check what’s going on,

Grabbing your phone, from the depths of your carry-on.


You stare at the screen,

Reading an anonymous text,

Fear fills your face, wondering what was coming next.


You drop your phone,

Back into your bag,

Trying to fall asleep, through all the jet-lag.


You turn around,

Shifting the covers on the bed,

And see an unfamiliar face, at the window ahead.


You jump out of bed,

And head for the door,

Rushing into the lift, to reach bottom floor.


You sprint to the reception,

But no staff were there,

Instead was a sign that warned ‘BEWARE’.


You look around,

To figure out what was going on,

Only to sense, someone was following you all night long.


You’re too tired to run,

And hear footprints approach,

You struggle to breathe, with fingers around your throat.

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