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rising end

August 24, 2018
By wolfvomit PLATINUM, Jacksonville, Florida
wolfvomit PLATINUM, Jacksonville, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
“don’t fall slave to the serpent’s tongue”

it seems that out of battle i escaped,

& you see me alone tonight.


my fingers curl in on themselves as if i might fall 

apart in an instant—as if

this feeling would flee from me that quickly.

this desire to hold onto what i can’t control

this feeling that i might not be the one


consumes me, this night.

it drowns me, leaving me choking on the deadly

oxygen that is a dream.


to hold onto everything that i can’t obtain

is what tears me apart

below the surface.

& the darkness of it all once again consumes me

& the stars, glittering, bask in all

their beauty.


this is process of

learning how to forget what my body won’t lrt me.

The author's comments:

i wrote this for my poetry class, it’s still in a rough draft type of stage so please try not to be too harsh! 

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