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To My Best Friend

August 9, 2018
By Soup1039 PLATINUM, Christiana, Pennsylvania
Soup1039 PLATINUM, Christiana, Pennsylvania
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I wish

I could tell you how much I love you

How even when we’re apart,

I wish I was with you

How when your hurting

How I wish I could take the pain away

I wish

That I could find the courage to tell you

I love you

Even though

We’re both girls

But I can’t

Because what if

You don’t feel the same

You don’t want to be with me

That I’m just a leech to you

That you wish I was gone

I wish

That when I’m with you

I could hold you

And never let go

That I could kiss you

And you wouldn’t cringe away in disgust

Because whenever we talk my heart aches

And I’ve come so close to telling you

But I don’t want to ruin our friendship

Because your the only one

Who’ll listen

Who’ll care

Who’ll shield me

from the bullets

when they rain down

The author's comments:

To my friend, who I wish I could tell.

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