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Where are we going?

July 6, 2018
By jaganathan.velraj8a07 SILVER, Ellicott City, Maryland
jaganathan.velraj8a07 SILVER, Ellicott City, Maryland
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Our minds growing sharper,

Our life becoming shorter,

While our body’s getting weaker,

Where are we going?


As technology is advancing,

The World is shrinking from palace to a room

Families are becoming strangers

Where are we going?


Tradition is vanishing,

In the midst of globalization.

Purity of language is diminishing

In the world of victor.

Where are we going?


Unconditional love towards a person becomes stone age

Thrill, fun, and enjoyment we need in a relationship

Not memories, time and loyalty in a relationship

Where are we going?


A person has more than hundred choices for each meal

A person has no more than one choice for each meal

Where are we going?

Education is becoming a business

Education is becoming a luxury

Education is becoming a dream 

Where are we going?


Social media is used as a tool to deform one’s character

Stupidity is trending among people

While necessity is being rejected 

Where are we going?


Politicians say “I am for the people, by the people and to the people,”

In reality politicians say “I am for corporate, by the corporate and to the corporate.”

Where are we going?


Earth yells plant trees for rain.

Animals yells conserve trees to live

Human yells cut trees for money.

Where are we going?


Entertainment is making us addicted

Useless fights over who's the most famous

While real issues are at stake.

Where are we going?

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