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Most Recent Ballads

Here are the most recent ballads:

The Dance of Defeat
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He smiles, a bright blue flame She grins back, an ocean of pain He takes a step, dangerous and bright She fluidly moves closer, and others marvel at the sight His eyes bore into hers, smoldering and burning She stares back, calculating... (more »)
What a Pity
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What a pity, what a pity That the stars are stuck in your eyes That when you smile and gaze at me You end up causing my demise   What a pity, what a pity That your smile rivals the sun So blindingly, breathtakingly beautiful... (more »)
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I am the piece to make you whole, I am the love that warms your soul. You are my sky, my silver lining. You are the sun when it isn't shining. I am the future that your past requires; I am the match that starts your fires. You are my rock... (more »)
It's Saturday; I'm In Love
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You just wanted to come and see me, But you fell down the cracks of my bed. Isn't it funny how neither of us know What's going on in my head? And when you wanted to speak to me, The words were held tight in your chest. And in that... (more »)
Tempestes This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Gather close and listen well To you my story I will tell. I am the goddess Tempestes I ravage lands and rock the seas. Countless lives I swiftly plunder Countless ships I’ve torn asunder. I make the cumulonimbi swarm I am the... (more »)
Ballad of Charleston (2015)
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“Daughter dear, I will go to church after six to pray like your mother used to for songs and studies on Wednesday.” “Take care, papa, you must beware for the searing sun has cooked our peach, and untimely buses and uphill walks... (more »)
A Crazy Blur
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These past few days have been a cloudy haze My thoughts are all you but you haven't got a clue   As everyday passes seeing you in between classes I can't help but to wonder why I can't get out of the shell I'm under  ... (more »)
The Monster Inside Me
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Yes, my dear, my darling, I do still love you And you have no idea how hard this is For me, how much it hurts. But baby, it is because You matter the world to me That I must leave you. I am not Deserving of you. Find someone else. My... (more »)
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We are always wanting more Of what we think we deserve When all we need, is a walk by the shore To see the soft blue waves curve   As the wind blows And my toes go beneath the sand I realize that nobody really knows What it's... (more »)
Spare Time
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All I do now in my spare time Is forget the scars and rhyme Now that you're gone I wonder what went wrong As I sit in this empty field Waiting for my heart to be healed  (more »)
Remembering you
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No longer sitting together Now it's just this empty room That makes me wonder Why you had to leave so soon   My favorite memory Was hearing the story of your young life Something I hold dear, an irreplacable treasury, An angel... (more »)
Sound of Laughter
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Passing by her forgotten laughter Remembering the sight of happiness Hearing her laughter Gave me a feeling of craziness   Her laughter, long after They've finished Made me feel far less diminshed    Hearing her laughter,... (more »)
A lovely mistake
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That cool night My heart was in your possesion And everything felt so right I knew that you were my new obsession    When we first met I felt a special kind of connection And took the risky bet That I'll always be under your... (more »)
An Unconditional Guide
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All they wanted was to be free To not be haunted by those between the trees Those who would not accept even during the darkest nights When all they did was wept   Now we stand our ground Firmly and full of pride Not caring... (more »)
Appreciation and Love
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The grand old heart Is indeed a work of art Although it sometimes gets what it's been wanting to find It will always be ultimately blind   The red rose That symbolizes love It comes and goes Just like a dove   The dark,... (more »)
Just let go
By , Corona, CA
Good times never last It's all in the past   Face it, the time is yet to come Where all the pain is numb   I try to enjoy the stars but in my memories are all the scars   Society isn't fair People just don't care   No... (more »)
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