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Most Recent Ballads

Here are the most recent ballads:

I won't miss you
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I won't miss you When your all alone in the dead of night You can miss me But I won't miss you I'll be long gone from This mean ole world All my pain Gone in a flash I won't miss you When you wonder where I am And you're missing me... (more »)
By , Suffolk, VA
Feigned in masks Several people look  But no one ever asks  Judging the cover of the book It's a surreal world  Hidden under the paper Of a mercurial unfurled A body dressed in vapor  We are left to decide  Who is real... (more »)
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#SheIs Sensational Unstoppable Honest to a fault #SheIs Loud Louder Loudest #SheIs A dancer in soul A cook in smell A hawk in sight #SheIs More than can be handled More than can be gripped #SheIs more than a hashtag She... (more »)
Wondering Deer
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In the dark. In the deep, of the woods. i went with my dad one day hoping to shoot my first deer my rifle at the ready   we watched patiently for the perfect buck when all of a sudden a doe comes out of the cedars.   then... (more »)
Love's Too Short
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Love was once something so strong to me Those feelings felt to me as if I was in heaven Everything was so right in those two years Now all that's left from the relationship is resin. I had joy brought to me so often We were absolutely... (more »)
This Boy
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With green eyes, I swoon Hugging myself in a cocoon For he is clear skies This boy with ruffled hair, I watch, Solid as I stare For he is the volume notch I love this boy, From afar His sly, face so coy For he is the North star... (more »)
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Tomorrow's never coming; how can this be? Faded, were your eyes, that were once the blue sea. Yet no one paused to realize, how could this be? -For so sudden was your last breath; I begged thee   Careful movements tore the guarded... (more »)
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School Day
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I wake up at an ungodly hour, No way am I going to shower, It’s already 7:30, Why must school start so early? I get to school in the nick of time, I hear the bell start to chime, Now I have to run to class, Why must my... (more »)
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I am never alone, I’m tried As darkness sticks close to my side It follows me in a passion Sticking close, never leaving a fraction There is something familiar about the way it moves and sways Mirroring everything that I do, as they call... (more »)
A little bit of heaven
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A little bit of heaven was promised, I believed you were being honest. Soft words and meaningful glances, turned into 3, even 4 second chances. Little did I know your heaven was being shared, I acted like I dont care. But the funny... (more »)
The Feeling of Emptiness
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The sun’s burning low when it starts to snow You feel empty when you’re asleep You fall too deep Her dream is to make you last when you fall too fast You close your eyes And the sun dies You see the ceiling Hoping it will have a... (more »)
To Fall in Love With Love
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Slowly turning, Ever-burning. Is this all I get? I wanted you, You wanted me. It was never meant to be. Why do we do this? Why do we try? Did you want to leave? Did you really die? I guess I'm not the only one Who tried their best... (more »)
Stars In The Night
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We walked down the hill Towards the open field. None of us spoke a word, Our mouths were all sealed. The cool air of the night Blew against my face. We all continued to walk on To our intended place. My friend beside me shivered, He... (more »)
The Lonely Hearts
Submitted an ad to the paper Searching for love or something greater My woman and I just trying to make a living The ads worked like clockwork Raymond left the women with a smirk My woman and I just trying to make a living The... (more »)
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When I saw your face Through eyes that spy As irritating as it was I couldn’t deny That you looked like me My hair, my eyes Not a single difference Color, shape or size I stared and stared For a good long time I moved as well To see... (more »)
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Easter Easter Easter That joyful day of the year Easter Easter Easter That joyful day is here   Easter eggs Filled with prizes Hunted by children Of all different sizes   The Easter Bunny Hops along Singing his Easter... (more »)
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