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Most Recent Ballads

Here are the most recent ballads:

The Incident On the Road
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I still remember the peaceful silent night, When me and her were driving along, no one in sight. We were returning from a trip over spring break, And we had to get home; for our parents' sake   The road was slippery, the weather was... (more »)
How to be a decent person
By , Gainesville, FL
Don't revel in the terror in my eyes Don't bask in the glow of my pain Don't survive on the cruelty and lies Don't make wounds that forever will remain Don't relish the sound of my crying Don't rejoice at the scars on my arm Don't smile... (more »)
Breathing Life
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  Such a thing to see A breathing bond of ecstasy Shadowed within her faraway eyes Sparkling with tears that never dry The water flows the flowers grow But nothing can ever change A look so down her permanent frown... (more »)
A letter never posted
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Dear friend, When I met you, I understood, You were the friend I needed; And as much as I really could, Towards friendship’s eternity I proceeded. Day by day, the bond grew stronger, This amity might persist longer; I trusted and... (more »)
2015 Graduation Poem
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Dear People, We are the children of last week The children hooked on phonics, just learning how to read The children of last week and the young people of tomorrow Not living on time we borrowed, but given us by the God of the sparrow... (more »)
The Lost Princess
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I want to rest my head upon your shoulder But instead I sit here lonely while you hold her I miss the comfort of the feathers there beneath your wing A little princess deemed unworthy of the shelter of a king The day I started losing you... (more »)
If You Could
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would you fly would you fly if you could said the bird would you drift over seas if you could said the bird would you swoop over cliffs if you could said the bird for the wings on your back look unused said the bird (more »)
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Bruises and aches, Tears led to lakes. Apologies meant nothing, The wolf kept on huffing. Screams and cries, Anger led to lies. Ignorance is bliss, The snake started to hiss. Hatred and pain, She never tried to refrain. Lay... (more »)
Particularly Picky
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Today I liked mustard Tomorrow I won't On weekends I like tuna fish On holidays I don't There are more foods that I don't like Than foods that I do My aunt says "Miss Particular" And friends say "Picky, too" Good luck finding me... (more »)
The Knight and the Slave
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The moon rose taking the sun's place Now she could go play in the woods forbidden to her Around and around her feet raced She passed by the trees in a blur Like an alarm she heard thundering hooves And likr lighting there was her knight His... (more »)
Color Blind
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Addison watched in silence as the other girls pointed She knew she was the one that their ugly insults taunted It was because she was so much darker than the rest Midnight on a bad day, dark chocolate at best Before her mind could... (more »)
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The air is tense and thick His nose is red and his temper's 'bout ready to tick I try to explain the concept of family The concept of stuffing and turkey, but literally His ears are closed For just one Thanksgiving, I want a feast... (more »)
Ghost of Winter Rose
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Winter will come from the west. There lays the ghost wearing the white dress. She is no less brave an no less gental. Images of a twinkiling star;seeming near but dangerously far.   The ghost rides to the heavens to dwell among the... (more »)
Wolf. This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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First I was a freshman, so how was I to know he was everyone else’s One? I followed him like a kitten follows its mother, always excited and the mother regrets that it had children, more than likely. More than likely, he wondered who I... (more »)
A Secret Life
Do you know the me that lies under this skin? The person who cries but never shows it The one who so closely resembles the man of tin. He who has seen such scarring things and will calmly sit. The boy who is so shy but laughs amongst... (more »)
A Game of Chess
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Is my life your game of chess? Am I pawn For you to give me a boost and force me to move forward and no where else? Or am I the bishop where I can move diagonally At however speed you need me to be? But you make me wonder why... (more »)
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