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Most Recent Ballads

Here are the most recent ballads:

Chaos and Consolation
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I'm caught in an iron trap Somewhere between chaos and consolation Flinching at every thunder clap Fearing for my imminent desolation On one side a hand reaches out On the other a claw extends its infernal grasp A heavenly voice begins to... (more »)
The Victor
The victor walks without a crown Through dust he marches on The agony of a thousand blades Leaves his sword undrawn The victor sings without a song Though aching he must be The suffering still he feels deep down Shall be shouldered... (more »)
My Uniform
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My unifomr consists of a small piece of material that fits like a leotard with sspeghetti straps. In the back there are many cutout designs, but they all end up showing some back. If you have not guessed, it is a swim suit.The boys on the other... (more »)
The Four Horsemen
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Back in the days of old, When lore was just that-lore, In a street filed with grime and gore, There stood four mighty warriors. The first one named Disease, Sat on a stallion ghastly green-and-gray. He was for that which whittles away.... (more »)
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Warped reflections in a mass of people, A crowd perceived as you please, Searching for hidden depth, Among these faces you'll find, Hearts chained by lock and key   Aching souls of emptiness, Treasures buried deep inside, A push... (more »)
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Reflective Hearts
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Look closely so you can see my love Come here so I can hold you Hold me tight before we jump Falling lips first into love My love, come here So I can point out The hearts in the sky above Put your hand over my heart Feel my life slip... (more »)
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I miss you.
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You brought the smiles To my face When I cried And you Did those stupid things To make me laugh Until I died. But where’d you go I’m all alone. I need you here with me by my side Right now. It’s getting cold in half my soul But... (more »)
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Remembering Eu.
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I can’t let you go. Your stains upon my heart Warm me then turn me cold. I still see your face when I close my eyes. It’s like the ghost of you is haunting my mind I hope you still think of me as a friend When we meet eye-to- eye This... (more »)
How A Teen Feels..
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That girl whom you just called fat in the hall, She daily sees her skinny future in crystal ball.   That shy boy with glasses whom you pushed with hate, He hid his tears wishing friendship to be in his fate.   That popular girl... (more »)
A Girl's Life
By , Sasktoon, Canada
This isn't about me anymore. You said: "It's about me" My mom said: "Your heart is the core" Don't cry now go to sleep. I am broken, my eyes are sore Feelings make me grow weak. I am hurt and so alone, Some love is what I seek. My mama said:... (more »)
miles of sea
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I remember how we used to sail; side by side, a lovely tale.  But now I stand, looking over miles of sea, as you slowly drift away from me.  (more »)
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Maybe it finds communication hard We will not judge Maybe we should recite a story Maybe that will ease it out of it’s reclusive spot Shall we give it a try? Yes, I believe we shall. Once upon a time There was a courageous lady Her... (more »)
The Storm
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As the thunder rips the sky I hear her cry. As her tears hit the roof all I can do is wait for her to gasp for air. Suddenly the sky is lit up with the beautiful horror that  burns her. The clouds become very remote,  the pain... (more »)
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Prospecting, Drifting through tangible time Dwelling in thought Lost in this rhyme.   Seek and you shall find Ask and you shall learn Quell time’s curiosity Watch the whole world burn.   Wait on a someday A day of the... (more »)
That Moment When
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A twisting myriad of dreams When darkness turns to light Intangible between her fingers She loses the will to fight. Gold at the end of a rainbow But no rainbow in sight- Twisting and turning to eternity She loses the will to... (more »)
Ballad of truth
By , Rancho cordova, CA
Though the world, be it round We all fall in faults of ground,   Our lives, so fragile, so soft Their lives, so light, so high aloft, Our loves, accumulated over years, are basis of all our fears,   Are we, so fragile, the... (more »)
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