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Here are the most recent ballads:

I Wanna Be the MVP
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I wanna be the MVP, To be the shining star, I really wanna be the key, To lead my teammates far.   For if I were the MVP, We'd surely always win, Because I could replace any absentee, I'd be like a skillful twin.   But I am... (more »)
Left Behind
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A summer squall came suddenly and tore away my joy, Blown away so suddenly in the stillness of the night. The gale that blew and rain that stung made me their errant toy, There was no option left for me but to huddle in helpless fright.... (more »)
One Sided Love
By , Karachi, Pakistan
As I see you walking In your own style, A sad song starts playing in my mind, I imagine you wandering through the streets, And I approaching you from behind.   Accidently whenever I hear you on the phone, Your only "hello" makes me... (more »)
A Gilded Curse
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Far-flung daydreams, hollow words, Angel kisses, empty verse; But then, too quickly falling: Not comprehending your curse. You clung then, still so tightly To last remnants of dear dreams But they could never save you, No one heard... (more »)
No Way Back
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Nights waltz away the night As the sun sashes the moon away. I don't feel bad for either Because they have equal chance to stay. The moon says hello and goes about its business, While the sun stays a bit longer for warmth. But once... (more »)
Young And Lost
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What’s that sound drifting though the air? As I’m searching around, I think it’s crying, but from where? Maybe from the forest; maybe from the town.   And as I wander, searching for those sobs, I see people saunter,... (more »)
Who am I?
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Wearing boots, I love to run It's a never ending fun.   With back pack, catching liars, Got lighter and magnifiers.   Standing there seeing through my eyes Beware! I can detect all your lies.   World of mine is all about... (more »)
Still as time
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I walk.  I tremble of cold Time stops  Getting ready to unfold.  Leaving only water and wind Still moving. Only after I grinned The sound reached me. After Hearing crashes and thunders Whooshes and screeches  I must... (more »)
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At the Moment
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Hold me with some fortitude,  I am tired of this solitude.  Tell me some secrets you've never uttered before,  don't leave me wanting more.    Don't let the silence fill the room, Are things going by too fast, too soon? I feel... (more »)
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Warm, Sunny, Beautiful Day.   Rain Cloud Won't Go Away.   Someone Help, I'm Going Down Fast   Good-Bye. I'm Not Going To Last. (more »)
Sing me a lovely lullaby
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Sing me a lovely lullaby, abd let me dream a dream one which no one can take away, the one where I can stay. Whisper to my ear the words I long to hear sing to me again  so that I forget all pain. Sing... (more »)
Her and He
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The face was symmetrical Her freckles, her mystic emerald eyes According to biology, this was attractive According to him, biology delivered no surprise The clothes were often “out there” Her aunt’s jewelry, her thrift shop treasures... (more »)
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I reach out to save us, what little remains. I fall apart still even after we drift. Memories so real, I reach for them; Hope for the comfort I felt then. But I lose my grip,and through my fingers you slip, over... (more »)
The Devil
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As I sit alone. In this chair of hell. I hear the devil. As he dwells. Ten-thousand degrees. There is no breeze. Spare my life. Please, please, please. His horns like a knife. He feeds on your life. He chops you to pieces with his... (more »)
When The Love Turns Sour
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Thunder crashes while lightning strikes. The rain pours down on this stormy night. She has made me laugh. She has made me cry. She left me. I don’t know why. As I sit alone in this place I know. I wonder where I should go. The... (more »)
A Small Child
A small child's hands wrap around the chain, pulling against them, trying to break free. He works struggling through the pain, seeing others tied to the whipping tree. He works through the days, and deep into the night, breaking his... (more »)
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