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Here are the most recent ballads:

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Sweet like honey, Flecks of sweet wheat. Green emerald, Shone in the sun. Those brown curled strings, Held firm in place. Dust will go wild, Falling again. (more »)
First step to Discovery
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This story Is about a girl Who fell in love amongst the snowflakes of winter. Like each of these snowflakes; her love was unique. This story Is about a boy She never owned a fireplace to keep her warm; He cuddled her corpses and held them... (more »)
To Stand
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He thinned me out like a burnt rope; I held onto single threads of passion to live. Hanging upon these single threads is where he let go; leaving me to hang by my lonesome. It is here that I realized I hang in pain; weak in the wind; sole and... (more »)
To Love or Not To Love
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To love or not to love: that is my deepest struggle: Shall I turn away from the whisper of happiness, Rejecting all chance of pain, of anguish, of pure joy Or follow my heart's yearnings And be free of regret. To risk, to jump, In faith; and... (more »)
Azraa and the Grotesque Madness Within Her Head
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I monolog to the barren universe : “Malleable skulls wriggled in my clutches; their condemner. As cadavers they were solemn as they vowed: ‘We should have run faster. We should have bawled louder. We should have, we... (more »)
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Concubine Stature and Irrelevant Mind binding kingdoms with toppling signs Standing tall And proud And hard And soft And empty And full And so well off Concubine Stature and Irrelevant Mind She was… She was Hidden—... (more »)
You May Shed A Single Tear
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You may shed a single tear But remember another Is shedding many more Don’t hide your true self From those who are Like you Sisters, Don’t be ashamed of Who you are Learn your own strength Bothers, Don’t hid from others Who... (more »)
Severus Snape
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Snape was a boy Just training in magic He was intent to learn But soon things got drastic That Potter boy, oh Yes, he was a menace He would step in the way And just cause Snape messes So he’d toss and he’d turn All through the... (more »)
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I am sitting on the bathroom floor. Scared to know what it reads. I didn't what to be like my mother. I cant be a mother, I am just a teen. What about Cheerleading, high school, and life? I am only eighteen. He will have to make me a... (more »)
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Like the birds that soar above me, I’d rather die than be captured and caged. So watch me glide high. No one can shoot me down when I sail through the sky, Into the golden horizon. Without a single goodbye. I have wings, though... (more »)
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A White Rose
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A white rose Beautiful on its own So easy to stain Its damages are plain It's gone through life Suffered its strife Still it stands strong Flows freely like a song (more »)
Dark Night
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You have become your worst fears With bloodshot eyes and blood-soaked tears Broken bottles and a shattered soul Nightmare fairytale that nobody told. Your only friends are the drugs you take And you wipe the tears off of your own face... (more »)
This Boy
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There was this boy, And he gave me his heart, And he let me just hold it, Right from the start. I kept his heart with me, But then it got to much, It became to heavy, It burned me with a touch. I still held on tightly, My hands burning to... (more »)
The Clock
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The world is like a clock, The spinning never ends, Everyone plays their piece, In an attempt to blend. If one piece is broken, They will throw it out, That piece will never be the same, Its heart is filled with doubt. When a piece stops... (more »)
For Now
By , Rockport, MA
If life is turning inside out And I am f***ed without a doubt I want to yell and scream and shout, To deal an ever-lasting clout From my body to my brain How could it ever be the same? I’m bleeding in the crying rain But I have never been... (more »)
Driver's Ed
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Darkness overtakes her. Her eyelids slowly close. Dawn turns to dusk, She will not awake. Cold fingers send Chills up her spine As everything around her Fades to gray. She can't take it, The magical, mystical Properties it has To... (more »)
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