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Most Recent Ballads

Here are the most recent ballads:

The Devil
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As I sit alone. In this chair of hell. I hear the devil. As he dwells. Ten-thousand degrees. There is no breeze. Spare my life. Please, please, please. His horns like a knife. He feeds on your life. He chops you to pieces with his... (more »)
When The Love Turns Sour
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Thunder crashes while lightning strikes. The rain pours down on this stormy night. She has made me laugh. She has made me cry. She left me. I don’t know why. As I sit alone in this place I know. I wonder where I should go. The... (more »)
A Small Child
A small child's hands wrap around the chain, pulling against them, trying to break free. He works struggling through the pain, seeing others tied to the whipping tree. He works through the days, and deep into the night, breaking his... (more »)
Garden Of God
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The waves are rising The sun is setting The wind is in a tussle There’s a soft rustle The God is in the wake of embellishing the world The commands have reached The prayers have been preached Nature is on its work It has cast the... (more »)
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Someone please help me
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I should of listened when they Told me to stay. How foolish of me to go and runaway. Where do I go now Do I go back home? I hate the feeling of being all alone. I want my mom. I want my dad. I want past and everything I had. I just need... (more »)
A Foolish Plan
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You could say they didn’t know what they were doing (a) Kinda odd you might say (b) For who would rob seventeen calves (c) Just to start their own dairy farm for pay? (b) It’s foolish just the thought of it (a) To have the idea that you... (more »)
The Dying Hobo
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I was walking down the railroad tracks, one cold December day. When laying by a box car a dying hobo lay. His friend sat there quietly with tears in his eyes. Telling short stories and saying his goodbyes. His dying friend whispered I am going... (more »)
A Street Rat
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I was in a big town, Filled with salt, and people. There was a little boy sitting by himself, eating a piece of bread. He looked so alone, and yet; He was unafraid. He had a content smile, as if the world was now complete. He knew that... (more »)
What They Have Done.
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I am equal. Like everyone. Therefore, I will not be shunned. well, for them it’s all fun. It’s all games. They deserve the shame. I try to survive. I’ve tried. They say it will get better. Well, they lied. They have made me... (more »)
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Thoughts are clear But not so fair And sometimes fair But not so clear Oh God help me! Please do tell me That my thoughts so far What really are? (more »)
Friends Betrayal
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Friends are love. But sometimes harsh; They do love us, But why betray us? I trusted them to my secrets, But my secrets were just excreted. "They do loved me, But why betrayed me?" The question was asked, That remained... (more »)
The Evil Voice
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I have a little voice Who tells me what to do So all the bad things I did He told me too, it's true! I didn't do my homework But it really wasn't my fault It said, "You don't need to do it, Homework's for... (more »)
The Empty Pages Show (Promise)
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Give to me an empty page, An unused canvas of clean white, And I’ll turn it into a theatre stage Where pure imagination can take flight. I’ll construct a set of forests green Through the power that my pen bestows, Paint in a river... (more »)
Ballad of a Dead Girl
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It was an awfully dead cold night, And I was so alone. I was keeping in a hard fight, That I could never hold. I saw you standing above me When I opened the door. I died because you were so mean, It made my blood run cold. I... (more »)
Remember What You Can
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"Tell me about yourself" You ask with caring eyes As I stare up at your shelf Deciding not to wear a pleasant disguise I struggle with relationships Because no one knows who I am But I'll give you a few tips Remember what... (more »)
Love is Fear
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I’m still afraid To fully love you. I’m scared because sometimes I just look at you and the words bleed through my heart and travel fast through my veins infecting the rest of my body. And when you tell me That you love me... (more »)
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