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Most Recent Ballads

Here are the most recent ballads:

Healing Shadow
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Vividly bright, a lonely sprite. Along the torturous sun that traveled long, not knowing wrong, of the things it hadn't undone.   Blinding brightness. Sentient sadness. Making an instant shadow that only starts over the... (more »)
My Friend in the Mirror
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My friend in the mirror He looks all alone. He hasn’t got a friend, He’s staring like a stone. He wants to belong, But he can’t find a place. To everybody else, He’s just another face. He’s looked everywhere For and home and... (more »)
Why Did God Give Us a Voice?
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Why did God give us a voice? To hear praises, sing sweet melodies? Give speeches about our hopes and dreams? Inspire others to follow theirs? Did He give it to hear His children cry out sorrows? For His people to argue and curse at one... (more »)
Good and Evil
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Throughout my life he holds my hand and poisons my inner thoughts. I beg him please to go away, But our paths continue to cross. He makes a home deep in my soul Which makes me the more immoral. But she is there to cast him out And end... (more »)
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Did you deceive yourself One too many times, Did you overstep your own limits And turn a blind eye? Did you think you could build The fortress of your dreams On a foundation as hollow As your life now seems? Did you really... (more »)
Once Just Three Months Ago
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Once just three months ago, I saw children playing. Their laughter filled the air, And their imagination roamed free. The world was like a rainbow, But now it’s just rain. The tears of all whom have perished, Fall down on our cargo... (more »)
To My Friend
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I remember that time when our friendship almost died, That time when all we did was cry. I remember all the commotion, And how our actions were only powered by our emotions. I remember when our hurtful words just made things worse, But I also... (more »)
Ode To Lupe
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If you could feel my heart you would feel this new warmth. If you could touch my soul from afar you would know how happy this girl's smile makes me. But it doesn’t matter what you are Because she's leavin, leaving far. And I won't cry But... (more »)
Looking for Daisies
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In hidden meadows; that are intertwined together as jewelled pearls flowering in a rose bush: that stands                     floppy; and still as a sunrise:... (more »)
The Listeners
By , Franklin, TN
The quiet isn’t nothing, it’s something that isn’t there If you listen closely you can hear, if you listen too close you can’t stop The listeners we are called, the ones who don’t talk The ones who are questioned, stalked as they... (more »)
The Great Beyond
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On this bright summer day I jumped on the last ship, that will take me far away I walked aboard and three new friends I made My days are glorious, with freedom in my hands Come along friends For this world is so grand We’ll fill our... (more »)
Who Really Is Insane
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Then, and there I stood. As lonely as I could. Of all the things I could be doing, I decided to stand. Stand atop the lonely sand. And atop the sand, I was weeping. As of that moment, weeping to me, was dreaming.   Dreaming of... (more »)
My View
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Blinded by the glimpse of reality, there stood they. Beings with no meaning, whom think that they have nothing to say.   The very moment I realized that reality was a boundary. A boundary for us who dream. Who dream our... (more »)
“What If Leaves Could Scream” :
By , London, United Kingdom
If white, glittering condensation glistened onto the meadow-green stork; If tangled, plaited daisy chains flashed their yellow, white-flamed smile; if a copper-coloured harp played music that whispered in their ears; If their volume buds;... (more »)
The Time I Dropped It This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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The whole sky shattered as it fell The stab of shards against my skin And I could do nothing but stare While pricks of sorrow jabbed within It plummeted downward like a rock Yet it swirled around like a feather And oh, the way I... (more »)
Pathway This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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A path a road a winding stream it embodies all my dreams my heart my hope a flame alight shadows wither all in sight a lamp it glows the tunnel’s end a drab tar city turns to sand a glimpse a snatch it’s... (more »)
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