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Most Recent Ballads

Here are the most recent ballads:

We have become parched from all the tears we have cried together. We have become strong from all the hopes that we thought had died.I- have become lost for I don’t know the streets,I- don’t want to know anyone anymore. Let me mask myself... (more »)
Alone in Is Lar
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Locked in his room, destin for doom. Sitting still in the chair. Going nowhere. Feeling nothing but the thin air. Firm an fare,alone in his lar. Staring at the window. Dozing away, forgetting the day. Suddenly a jolt brought him to his... (more »)
Passion for the Prisoner
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Throw me to the sharks. Murder me with poison darts. Come mend these torn hearts. You lye crying during on the floor. This feeling you ever hoped for. My tag lyes at my side. Hide I can not. There was no ife I saught. I have fear for... (more »)
The Emission Condition
By , Edinboro, PA
A Montana man, Wayne, left his dog in the car, Unfortunately, Wayne left his wallet ajar. When he returned from his dinner, his eyes did grow wide, For his wallet no longer had five-hundred dollars inside. And then, he turned, and,... (more »)
love seperates...
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the anger,the rage will let us fade no one in the world would day we’r made I am ten, you are more and still this tie But let me confide, now no more lie Our soules are one from the day we met It’ll turn to a memorable sonnet My... (more »)
I See You
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I see you folding your arms with fright, Gazing the windows adorned with moonlight Your heart thumbing with piercing cries, Everyday searching for fireflies. The floor got wet as you leaned on From cheeks your tears rolled on. Smile... (more »)
Shattered Time
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Over a cold blue sea time fractures, Blistering into silver shards, sinking Into unknown kelp, lost depths and sand, Hours and minutes trickling, seconds twinkling - And the ocean, roaring, soft, velvet A thousand things concealed in brine,... (more »)
Where The Ivy Grows
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Let's go to where the ivy grows with poison leaves strung high, constricting round your pailing neck as you look to the sky. I'll take you where the cold bones lay, alone but haunted still, kept company by maggot's breath;... (more »)
Oh Fragile Heart!
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Where do you roam, oh fragile heart? I wonder often now. . . Where do you rest your bloody thoughts of love and hate, so sound? Where do you go, my glass like heart, when sticks and stones are thrown? When words are more than you can... (more »)
Loving Dove
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Loving dove, fly far away, and with you take my heart's decay. Rid my soul of blackened ash brought by fire's burning lash. Find the sky that remains blue, with soaring trees, and his bird too. Fly sweet dove, soar... (more »)
My Big Ford Truck Is Really Cool
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What’s it like to feel the power behind the wheel? It can be quite a big deal! My big Ford truck is really cool! With its big Triton V-8 I never get to work late My big Ford truck is really cool! My four-wheel drive takes me anywhere I... (more »)
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I can't make you understand And I can't make you see And I can't hold your hand No matter how hard you plea The things I have seen And the things I have heard Are mine and mine only This may sound absurd You don't... (more »)
Some Time Ago
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Some time ago,men fought each other. Both friend an for. Army's woke before dawn,rather then be happened pon To settle scores,an battle fearless lords. In the age of the bow n the sword. Tearing rained free over traitor s ment to be. To... (more »)
Hitting rock bottom
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Its nothing is what you say Its something you push away You tell yourself pain is your friend At least its faithful and will never bend When you become your very on disease Feeding off on what brings you to ease A wasteland is what... (more »)
Broken Record
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It started off simple Like every little song A few words were said, smiles shared But the chorus brought new light The high of the song burned brightly She didn't know how, or why But she knew one thing She didn't mind the... (more »)
Three simple words
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Three simple words, Yet I cannot explain what it is in one word, Warmth, happiness, joy? When people see me walking down the street, They ask how I seem to glow lately My secret? It’s not Nivea or water It’s you I love how your there... (more »)
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