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Most Recent Ballads

Here are the most recent ballads:

Mother's love
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Peace be with you my chid so sweet,  I'll keep you warm till mornings peak. I sway with the wind and hold you tight, Until the end of this dark night. And if you wake with tears in your eyes, I sing to you until your cheeks are dry.... (more »)
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A Figure Stood by Me
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Standing, and waiting by the sea, while a figure stood beside me.   I yearned to fill my empty soul. I begged for love to make it whole.   Comprehending my depression, seeking a tender solution.   A thing that will care for... (more »)
Late night rainstorms
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Raindrops hit the roof and I swear I could hear my mind shatter into a billion pieces. Thunder becomes my lullaby. The storm is raging on, am I suppose to believe the lies it tells? Restless and loud, spinning round and round.... (more »)
Summer With You
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With my feet in the sand, Staring out at the ocean waves. My hand in their hand, We explore ancient caves. Lemonade and iced tea in the shade The smell of the fresh breeze as it floats my way I hope these summer memories never fade. Because here... (more »)
The Fairies
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Hum of a fairy’s wing; stretched out like a butterfly breath; sheathed in colours violet and blue; moved into focus, in a whisper: a stretch of a feathered fingerprint; dancing in the air; it raises its webbed leg: and glitters fall in a... (more »)
A Deeper Look at Laying in Bed Sick
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Life lived ludicrous Bound to the slab of death Chords Ropes Chains slip like snakes between my weary crooks of arms Bound to this bed Slavery Whips resound in creaking cracks of lightning Voraciously the carnal hunger Craving sovereign soil... (more »)
A Deeper Look at Digging a Hole
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Metallic clang Shaped steel shifting sharply I strike a rock Anger erupts Acidic thoughts brew brooding The shovel raised again Weapon of contempt Tool of completion My muscles lock to focus Perspiration licks my clenching jaw I drive my force as... (more »)
Forest Kids
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The boy with the jacket the color of the dark forest green is able to view the Earth and see things unseen    The flowers would follow  whatever path he would go  till they grew thorns  something he did not know   They... (more »)
The Story of Mist
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Mist The thin, shallow crawling, of clouds that weigh down. Strolls across the ground, lurking deep within towns. Taking in space, as if it were nothing. Absorbing those, like a weightless crushing. Moving around in a timeless flow.... (more »)
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I remember the day when I first met you. I felt as if my heartfelt dream had finally come true.   Beginnings are filled with smiles, joy, and unwavering affection. During the dawn of our precious bond, everything felt like... (more »)
The "Milk"y Way
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  Each day he woke and mourned, An underlying consistent struggle, Of not wanting to be who he was born, A lifelong internal trouble.   He dreamt to float in desolate space, And be the shining star he truly was,... (more »)
the masterpiece
In the fest of the canvas world, Came the beauty capturers , with arts unfurled. Some created the curves of a lady Magnificent in crimson , flaunting an alluring body. Few painted it purple Plush in eminence :the royal couple. Others did it blue... (more »)
In the Night
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I remember when we were young and carless, And knew nothing of the world, Nothing of the world, And we lived in a city of those who came before us, Who built a mud brick wall, Built a mud brick wall, And we stared at the vines that had... (more »)
The Girl Who Lived For the Ocean
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Once there was a girl, who lived for the ocean, And she left for the everlasting sea, Once there was a girl who lived for the ocean, But she never came back to me, She swam the foaming waves, As far as the eye could see, And she just... (more »)
The Ultimate Battle
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You may never know what you lack, What it’s like to have no regrets From the sins crawling on your back, Knowing it was worth every breath. So we may sin, so we may kill, But it’s to defend and protect The young poor, weak, and even... (more »)
She Didn't Return This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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A young girl she was when the song began The lyrics that raised the adolescent her Fantasy of movie romance and love Fairy tale and prince charming that might occur. The day he met her was fast with rhythm Like every song in her phone she... (more »)
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