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Most Recent Ballads

Here are the most recent ballads:

Left for He
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Who is that? No one knows her That's a fact She's  a  breeze Always moving Always free Who is she? She isn't new Just left for He Where's she now? She was here one day Now she' Gone She was never noticed while she was... (more »)
Strong & Stuck
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Stay strong even when you are stuck in a dark place Life is good sometimes & sometimes it is not Life’s really a roller coaster ride a long twisty one You can do it do not give up right now. Stay strong. (more »)
Of You, To Me.
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If ever in the darkness I am alone And a sob escapes me, Please think of me, Please come to me, Even only if in spirit. If ever in the daylight I am in company And loneliness overtakes me, Please think of me, Please come to me, Even... (more »)
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  You trudged through life An endless mundane maze, No elation your way nor strife, And living ceased to amaze.   You pondered through the dimming light The cause for things as they were, Oh! would that... (more »)
Your words won't break me
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Your words will not hurt me ever, You tried to break me hurt me and crush me Nevertheless, I will rise as high as a mountain on top of a winter sky Try to break me but I will rise like a bird in a bright sunny sky. (more »)
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Dying Light
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The sad orphan girl, who's lost more than others, is dying of cancer, of what her life had brought her   She lived no, "Good morning!" nor a "Goodbye." She's cruel and selfish, like a bitter divine   She's wretched ... (more »)
Behind the Silver Curtain
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Dear grandfather, where have you been? For many, many years you have not been seen.   Since your disappearance I have not recovered from the pain in my heart that I have long suffered.   The last time I saw you,... (more »)
Pathway This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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A path, a road a winding stream it embodies all my dreams my heart, my hope a flame alight shadows wither all in sight a lamp, it glows the tunnel’s end a drab tar city turns to sand a glimpse, a snatch it’s all... (more »)
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People wake up to the sunshine in the morning New born babies arrive everyday Couples in love make their promises at the alter Children get to go outside and play. People live their lives as if this world is perfect, As if it's all a bliss.... (more »)
You won't break me
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Try to knock me down but I will not go down because I am strong. Your actions only make me stronger than I was before. No matter you say or do will not break me. I will be standing as tall as the moon in the dark shining sky. (more »)
the true meaning of life
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  There once was a girl named Wendy Wu and she was born in the great city of China where the Chinese believed in the ways of the dragon. Although the Emperor was demanding towards others, he was very caring for his daughters Mei and... (more »)
Finding paradise
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I could listen to a hundred rhymes Of romance, life and love I could read you a hundred lines Of a feeling so ethereal, sent from up above I could not but wish, that they match The depth of your love I could only but wish that they catch... (more »)
Just a human
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People seem to love seeing the pain in my face. At all. They treat me as if I am plastic or in a tight rubber basket, I make mistakes I am just a human. Only a human being nothing else but that. Just human  (more »)
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Today I looked at him and felt a flicker, an ignition between us Neither foreign nor new but exciting - to me, at least A daytime star was breathing through each of his eyes A clementine sunrise stretching across his cheeks Why hadn’t I... (more »)
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The Four Seasons
By , Skokie, IL
Fall, winter, summer, and spring, Everyone's happy and they all want to sing. In the summer people dance, And in the spring they have romance. They dance, sing, and run around, All the children play in the town. In the fall, there are... (more »)
the father death
By , milwaukee, WI
The death of someone close to us leave us shocked with grief. We cannot understand how one minute this person was here and the next they are gone. The truth is that those we love are never truly gone. The body may have run its course, but the... (more »)
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