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Final Breath(s)
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I. A lusty pirate maid I’ve been, and by chance I came to die. My shipmates shall not weep for me, or utter a sippling sigh; No, my jolly men are shouting loud and send me off to lie. To the bottom of the sea, beneath the dancing, roaring... (more »)
Price of Sins
By , Folsom, CA
Darkness. It is all I ever see. A veil of blackness, It forever clouds my vision.   Silence. It is all I ever hear. Deathly silence; For I am all alone.   Blood. It is all I ever taste. Unclean as mud, With its... (more »)
His Pain
By , Waukesha, WI
He flounders through the sea of people with a smile, He let’s go of a faint, fake chuckle His posture slumped over, its his style His pants, as low as his self-esteem Pain is evident in those chocolate orbs Pain is found in his... (more »)
Roses Are Red Skies Are Grey
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Roses are red Skies are grey A heart in doubt Is a heart astray Why I held such belief Why do I still care Why do I still implore If she is waiting there Flashes of romance movies Where every girl finds their boys Why must it be so... (more »)
I Miss You
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Inside her sudden presence Motion of a shooting star Into my world she brightens So quickly left without a scar Sinking through the days’ end Yet so many things we can’t start Our dreams are deeply sealed Until the forever that we part. (more »)
Love should not Discriminate
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This is a day of love not only should we spread our greatest love of all Today, but every day. Love should not discriminate, because deep inside we are all the same. Broken hearts should be mended and start to feel more alive. This is the... (more »)
Forest Fires
Forest fires, forest fires, Matches lit by livid liars. Burning birds in burning trees Tweet their mournful melodies. “Pray for those the fires ignite For them we live, for them we fight” Abandoned fights and earnest prayer Disappear into thin... (more »)
oh. the life, to be confined to edges, to sullen corners, silent hallways shrinking with passing time. to peer through iron fences at cheers, congratulations, glasses clinking. to reach for stars and come down empty-handed, to watch them fall... (more »)
Our Lady Mercy
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Our Lady Mercy Wore flowers in her hair She plucked them from the southron fields  And fashioned crowns to wear A crown of gold would never sit Upon her noble head They sold her to the Northern lands The ice and snow to wed Our Lady... (more »)
Not for You
By , Parkland, FL
I want someone to except me I need someone to see me Someone who will except me for who I am Someone to love me despite my flaws My fear and pain are not for you personal gain I need someone to hold me through all the tough times But... (more »)
Where I Live
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Where I am, there is no hope Every day is a dark day I struggle to find light in all this darkness But the truth, I cannot say I live in isolation, Away from the bustling city, Away from mankind's problems, From those who feel pity... (more »)
My Family
By , Newtown, PA
I don’t know when it all started Or how it all began, But Lord created families To create happy man. Families are like a blessing Living in unity as one, It is strength, support and smile And the story has begun. Families are very... (more »)
A story for a boy from a girl
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        This is about a boy and a girl, who met under some unusual circumstances. You see she tried for a few guys and gave them all countless chances, he also tried his hand at a few romances,but they all failed. He has a few issues and she... (more »)
I Don't Love You
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If the rain shall drip down our cheeks Should the world around us crumble to our feet Shall the rain dancing on our skin mask your tears The five most terrifying words will spill from my mouth For I don’t love you anymore For I have... (more »)
The Stars Against Us
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Ever since our eyes first met, we were deeply immersed in admiration. I was the light of your gentle soul, and you were the jewel of my imagination.   Our love was of heavenly beauty; this embrace felt so delightful indeed. But... (more »)
Stormy Rain
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Why no love, but hate? Trying but failing too much negatively. Just want more sunshine, and no more stormy rain storms. (more »)
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