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Most Recent Ballads

Here are the most recent ballads:

The Law of Happiness This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Spring and summer winter’s drag I’ll see them all now that I’m back my fight, my plight all that I’ve done it can’t be seen by anyone my tears, my hope my days in wait for something good... (more »)
A ballad to school
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I hate waking up for one simple reason today starts the new school season   I walked and walked trying to find my way eternally dreading this day   the bell rang and gave me a fright and then there was no one in sight   the... (more »)
Your List
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  This is the list of all you pain and imperfections. The list that shows the sorrow of unreturned affections. Your time and space here means nothing. Your end here is something we’re all longing. You fail at the easiest... (more »)
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your mouth has lost its splendid curve perfectly lopsided like broken tracks of tired trains stuck horizontally the fuzzy warmth of a spring day used to spring from your lips damaged from silently screaming fire so hot your words cease... (more »)
When I Grow Up
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I want to go to college To fill my brain with knowledge- Help people with trauma, Maybe be a mama. Enjoy every moment in my life; Maybe become a wide- Be who I am - Not any old Sam! Interact with others, Especially my human race's sister and... (more »)
The real me
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I sit alone at night shedding my tears, But as the day approaches, I fake a smile that hides my fears. Do you know how I feel? Do you hear my screams? No you don't. Nor do you feel the pain or the shattering of my dreams. Is it really okay... (more »)
Lullaby of the Dead
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Good evening folks. Welcome to the inside of my brain... Don't worry, for most of you will run away, and some of you will be surprised, assuming that you choose to stay.    To begn our journey we have a pinch of grief and a... (more »)
True Loves's Kiss
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Love, an emotion to separate and to unite, Love, an emotion that keeps you awake every night. All it is, is just another feeling, But when it's gone, why do we struggle with the healing? Love, and emotion so narrow yet so broad, Love,... (more »)
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The Mirror's Truth
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She looked in the mirror Like she did everyday It showed her the same freckled girl But today it had something different to say The mirror couldn’t speak (of course) But the words resonated in her head Words that belonged to the girl... (more »)
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You're moving now, a mobile missile The onyx Cadillac grumbles, docile yet dangerous Calm rides the blue sea-waves of your bloodstream Engine shrilly testifies of your control You are the master of this beast It's carnal drive soothes... (more »)
Keep Holding On
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Keep holding on Even when the stars are all gone Because I know there’ll be dawn No matter where you are, You’ll come around. These days, I’ve been going back and forth Trying to get a place in this world Marred, pushed to the... (more »)
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I've breen watching you for a while Your darkened eyes and empty smile Sobs forced into a hearty laugh Pretending to be whole when you're broken in half   You eye those blades on the shelf Deciding to use them to hurt yourself On... (more »)
Ships Just Passing In the Night
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There once was a lone sailor On a solemn ship, just passing in the night.   Its lone beam cut through the grey darkness Of the piercing sleet and rain pitter-pattering on the choppy sea wrapped in cold and blight.   The sailor... (more »)
I've Seen Your Eyes in Others
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I saw adventure in your eyes. When you looked my way, you'd control my mind. I would see a forest, a lovely life. That was never meant to be mine.   Yet with every glance another high. Sweet like Starbucks, but as sour as a lime.... (more »)
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Dropped in a desert, he lay there exhausted for his charged murder sentenced his exile. He looked into the distance and saw dunes that stretched across the desert for miles. He was graciously provided with an empty canteen if he were to... (more »)
Why Try?
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Kids can grow up too fast An optimist can put happiness in the past   The light can become black The disciplined can become slack   The protector can terrify The honest can deny   The strong can become weak The influential can... (more »)
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