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Most Recent Ballads

Here are the most recent ballads:

Ode to my journal
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My friend, my companion, who keeps the secrets of my heart. How did I ever live without you? The one I trust most In my life, who is there to comfort me when I just can't stop the tears. you never tire of listening, always there to remind... (more »)
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Courage coming over in clouds-- baby storms loud 'cause they don't know that the most beautiful part of them is the strength of them, the heart of them when they strike, they are something electric and blinding and we are all... (more »)
To My Friends (SLAM)
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Tell me to never age and that I look the same as I did the night of our first date Just now a little more handsome and maybe a little more brave I guess to catch you up I still live inside my mind I just had another close friend die to the same... (more »)
The Knight's Land
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Twas was a stranger weary, old with a secret to be sold to a knight; so very young and bold to find a land where things unfold.   'Tis the knight; young and gallant. A secret he was solemnly told about a land; not too warm... (more »)
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Stars are always here They're always the same They never leave They never change (more »)
What you lost was Gold
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A hole that's too big to fill, too empty not to feel. They say I'll get over you, I say it'll never heal.   Just when I think none of it was real, the hole you left- a trick, a scar freshly opened; Cut deep, memories of your... (more »)
Old Friends
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I knew an earth once, of fire and water and stone Where rivers meet the oceans, and nobody could be alone No fickle sins to be confessed, no troubles to atone No people forced into darks woods, where nothing good would roam When nightmares... (more »)
Beating In My Heart
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Through the wind, a voice was drifting Falling into the open breeze. Off the ground lifting, lifting, And into the open seas. My breath is catching, My heart is seizing, stopping to believe That the hatching Of a new voice was causing... (more »)
Society: The Unmotivated Beast
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Mommy, mommy! There’s a monster under my bed! His teeth are sharp; His eyes are red. He speaks of the future And fills me with dread, Saying all I have Is failure ahead. Mommy, mommy! There’s a monster under my bed! His passion is... (more »)
Wise Old King
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Hark the wise one Thomas said Our old king much In life has fed I cast my eyes out to the hutch Of crippled frame and gentle touch There he bides in restful drone Upon his dusty, hobbled throne I fall to knee in humble stance In wait with... (more »)
Dear School Lunches
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School Lunches, I’m afraid it’s time To tell you what I shouldn't say To tell you that my tastes have changed That things just don't work out this way Our love had been so soft and sweet But now I think it has gone bland What once has... (more »)
Dear Danny
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Dear Danny, where are you? I scream to the air. They found your body But you weren't there. You lay on the beach Washed up or dumped? Or worst of all, Is it possible you jumped? Dear Danny, where were you? The police are asking. Did... (more »)
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The Ink with which my soul pens, on the parchment that is my mind The scarlet that courses my veins, a life force so kind To enter my heart and mend its scars To make a promise, to never be  far The Ink that filled my empty well so that I... (more »)
Sole of the Party
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Socks cannot navigate I know that this is true But they’re quite a unique species When they’re not stuffed in a shoe Every night as we sleep When they’re freed from our feet They scoot right out the window Onto the moonlit street... (more »)
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Happiness is a giant bowl of your favorite food when you are hungry Happiness is seeing an old friend you hadn't seen in years Happiness is knowing God, family, and your friends are by your side Happiness is being blessed with wonderful... (more »)
One-Sided Love
Full of hatred from the start, Are they even our friend? Inconspicuously admiring within the heart A sudden feeling that seems to never end. For months, it has carried on Maybe years guided further by hope, Constantly replayed like a song... (more »)
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