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Most Recent Ballads

Here are the most recent ballads:

Smoke and Mirrors
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As all the smoke clears you turn to your peers. They all left before you learned your deft. Depression is your greatest aggression. To write music that’ll never make your fans sick. You start taking pills to get some thrills.... (more »)
Schools Over
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This is my last week. We’re going to be at the peak. No more school cause we’ll be at the pool. Memories will be made but some will fade. People will get drunk to try to be punk. It’ll be so much fun. There’ll be one good pun.... (more »)
1-First Crack; An Apple or a Mac
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Wake up in a cold sweat as the odds against me bet, that I won't make it too far in my path. For you are too much a nuisance, Throw my two cents back in my face. I get up to the sun at its peak because it's only going downhill from here.... (more »)
IN and OUT
By , Dhaka, Bangladesh
IN is the duplicate of OUT which lived in her heart, OUT gets caught in a net and IN cries which would fill a million cart. IN falls over and OUT cuts his skin to shed the pain, OUT faces troublesome days and IN sees the blue sky starts to... (more »)
The Rose among the Orchids
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i. The field tells the stories Of many, young and old The melting pot of silver Carbon, rust, and even gold At what point does a child Feel the loss and agony Where does he go? He sits, Merely follows, blissfully The seed, not of... (more »)
This Is Us
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We weren’t supposed to meet. It was all an accident. We thought it’ll be pretty fun and excellent. I should've kept my mouth shut to prevent us from ever talking. Thanks to that nut we started dating. The truth is I was never... (more »)
Daddy's Little Girl
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Thanks to my parents I’m one of a kind. I’m the kind of person that’s hard to find. To me they’ll like peasants. My mom was 24 and unknowing of her pregnancy. Hopefully my brother has a legacy. Luckily there’s no more. When... (more »)
I Fuckin' Love You
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We’re supposed to be 4 months but instead we’re lost. People think of our past as myths. They just don’t know what happened behind those doors. Its my job to give them a show. Giving them different tours. Different girls with... (more »)
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I can't get you out of my head. I want it to stop. Your all I think about in bed. My thoughts are like a dirty mop. I try to end it But they're in a memory pit. The good and bad Are making me sad. Your full of hatred When I just don't... (more »)
To My Sweet Destiney
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Shall I compare you to a day in May? Your face is as clear as a plate. We will await the terrific day that we could have an actual date. On that day we’ll watch the sun as it shines. Your beauty will never get dim. Hopefully you won’t... (more »)
A Little Poem
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You make vlogs on YouTube Which is better than food. But you could never solve a rubix cube. I’m going this to put you in a good mood. On YouTube you have a lot fans. They’ll always love and support you. Also your grans. For... (more »)
A Sad Love Story
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Her stormy eyes, And his desire to drown. All brought on by lies, And rumors that surround. She loved him, But she would never tell. 'Cause he was her only sin, The puzzle piece that fit well. He showed up one night, Throwing... (more »)
My Mr.Darcy
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Each time I look into your eyes I feel so much warmth I feel a thought I melt away   Each time I look into you eyes A new side of me is revealed Things I hide away   Each time I look into your eyes Something in me changes for... (more »)
Are You Afraid of the Dark? This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Are you afraid of the night? Where the creepy-crawly things crawl, And where you are lost of all sight, And the dark conceals all? You know, in the depths of the night they emerge to play It's fight or flight When the dark conceals the... (more »)
The Ballad of Lilli Mae
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There once was a girl named Lilli Mae She dressed real nice and played all day Her long red  hair was kept swept back in a single braid   One day a nice young man came by Lilli Mae  "Whom might you be?" she asked real nicely "I am... (more »)
The Antichrist
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A lot of caring When you should be praying. Evil must get a summon, While your running from a demon. Your once again scared. The antichrist has declared Death to all of God's children. Not exactly a promise by his stepchildren.... (more »)
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