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Most Recent Ballads

Here are the most recent ballads:

In the Jungle of South Neverland
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     This is the place Captain Hook never set foot on the land, where only pixies and fairies sit here hand in hand.     This is the place where there is no one in command, where for every unfair choice, creatures take a stand.  ... (more »)
The White Feather
Once upon a time there was a white bird new A hunter’s bow was tightened and an arrow flew The outspread wings convulsed and never soared anew One hundred feather pens were made and one was sent To a heartbroken princess, weakened and... (more »)
The Journey of TIme
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My time is almost done, but your's has just begun. Into the future don't go fast, and don't go to the past. Try not to regret the things you need to forget. It's fine. These things take time. Go on your journey with no bag. Don't raise... (more »)
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Spring brings new life. Multicoloured flowers begin to bloom. Birdsong melody plays in our ears. Blue sky and light breeze lord it over the island. The still sea stretches beyond the horizon. Children play while parents lazily watch.... (more »)
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Being homesick for places I've never been, and looking back I'd never thought I'd call you a friend, then days past losing you in the end, I learned my lesson right there and then, turning back now would be a sin, I'm never going back... (more »)
Hidden Pain
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She holds up her wrists, Shows the marks of sadness, Promises not to do it again, But the stares tug at her like a chain. She lowers her head as faces pass by— Soon enough her arms begin to cry. Hollow words fill the air: A new secret... (more »)
I Saw My Father Again Today
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He’s never different He’s never the same I said, “Hello, dad” And we played our game We talked for an hour It only seemed like a minute But I had to go There was a time limit I packed up my things And I wiped my eyes Each... (more »)
A Walk Into Hell
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Cursed to torment far beyond For the things I have done, This burning in my blood Makes me want to run. The fire in my bones – A ballad I shall sing… You and I, we used to stand Back to back, side by side. We fought the demon... (more »)
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A Cobbler Sells His Wares
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“Come now, my Ladies, My beautiful Bairns – You too, good Sirs, Come and dance with my wares! They can take you far, They will take you wide; Past the edge of the world, They can match your every stride. Beautiful Ladies,... (more »)
My love does not lie in mundane things
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My love does not lie in mundane things: it does not lay with silver and gold or with the power possessed by kings nor in a romance with a clasping iron hold. My respect is not given freely – it is seldom earned but when it is given it... (more »)
An Ashen Moon
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As darkness covers the sky The raven screech with their awful cry. When the clouds swim through the darkened night The Moon shines brightly, putting up a fight. When the black birds fly You know someone is bound to die. Grab your loved... (more »)
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The raindrops land on my back. and it feels like someone tapping on my shoulder. They look like tear drops. as they land on the window panes. The raindrops sound like the beating of drums. They seem to move to the beat like soldiers... (more »)
My Dearest Love
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My Dearest Love, I'm sorry to inform you that we must be apart today, because today is probably the day that I need you more that ever. My heart has broken and my soul has shattered and I can not; do not have your warm embrace to soak up all... (more »)
Precious Nirvana
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She never cries, she always smiles The sun disappears, she morphs to someone new With darkness she wages war on herself Then all is forgotten with the morning dew My heart stopped when my eyes had captured her Life's constant goal was to... (more »)
I won't miss you
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I won't miss you When your all alone in the dead of night You can miss me But I won't miss you I'll be long gone from This mean ole world All my pain Gone in a flash I won't miss you When you wonder where I am And you're missing me... (more »)
8 Things I Hate About You
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I hate how you’re so confident I hate your gorgeous eyes I hate how you will promise more, And then you never try. I hate how I will always smile, When you talk just to me, I hate how you can make me laugh, I hate you make me dream. I... (more »)
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