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Most Recent Ballads

Here are the most recent ballads:

The Judgement of Paris
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A handsome prince happened upon them by chance, Three mighty Goddesses reeling in a jealous dance. Power, Pride, and Passion clashed in a manner most cruel, To see who could enrapture the naïve young fool. Discord was overcome with... (more »)
Down the Rabbit Hole: A Case Study
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Madness! Madness! Lilting voice and puzzling eyes, Burdened by gleeful sadness. Tell she truth or tell she lies? Is it insanity or a childish guise? To this delusion she had clung. Down the hole! Down the hole! How hard, exactly, had... (more »)
Paintings In The Smoke and Burnt Rubber
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Sorry that our world has been destroyed and what is left is burnt rubber like cigarette ash. Sorry that the park where we used to stroll has been metamorphosed there is no plush Kentucky bluegrass, just glowing embers Sorry that there are... (more »)
Magpies Of Troy
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One for sorrow, Every day, another foolish ploy I already know about tomorrow Two for joy, A shining necklace of pearls We are women of Troy Three for a girl, Who is set to destroy In an ocean swirl Four for a boy, Who lives by the... (more »)
The Same Silver Moon
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I have gone away to the Promised Land, that is why I write this with a weeping heart and an aching soul, For I could not tell you before I did depart On the back of an elderly mule. I left you at home in our shack and half-hearted grounds,... (more »)
It Changes You
By , stone mountain, GA
It changes you.   In ways you won't ever be able to wrap yourself around. The way you think, speak, act, carry yourself.   It starts with the memory lodged in the back of your head, what you can't seem to... (more »)
The Vampire's curse.
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It's ending now. The time is up. I'll go in for your heart. I'm not resisting anymore. It's time for our battle to start. You've taken all away from me and crushed my very soul, so now it's time to pay the price. It's time for you... (more »)
When the pages turn to flames.
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In a Trance of darkness, She wrote a novel she'd regret. She had no clue what he was up to. The trap that he had set. He filled her mind with poison and told her it was love. Now she soars on broken wings like in injored mourning dove.... (more »)
Rise of the Vampire.
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Locked behind asylum doors, is a young boy with a gift. A Vampire, Seer of black roses. A a child of the mist. Outcasted for being different, He looks for a window out. A way to escape the prison walls. To escape this world of... (more »)
Lending a Hand
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Starbucks in the morning Water bottles lay chilling Sweetened dessert with strawberries. We are blind to these luxuries Could anything be more important than our phones? What if we looked up and saw their bones? Would we pause Instagram,... (more »)
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Spiders, creep-crawlies, 8-legged arachnids, “Just an insect,” doesn’t even apply, “They won’t bite,” are you sure? “That’s a small one,” That’s what it wants you to think, Spiders, Spiders, hairy-legged, venom... (more »)
Recipe For A Funny Person
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A teaspoon of teasing, Some self-doubt, just a cup, A pinch of habanero, Just to liven things up, Sprinkle with attitude, And mix with the whisk, Add a portion of word play, You’ll be “kneading” this, Pour in... (more »)
I Love Poem
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I love the actions, Intentions of bliss, I love the small moments, That most people miss, I love the way mountains, Reflect on pure water, I love the old movies, With crimes and marauders, I love the short instants, The times that are... (more »)
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An A, a B, a C, a D, An dreaded F, but yet no G's, When it's an F, you always fret, Cause they're the same as, Not Yet Met's, At the end of the year, You always regret, The choices you made, The homework that crept, up on you,... (more »)
Roses are black.
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I bought her a black rose at a renessance fair. I gave it to her but she left it there. Her forced hateful words had cut like a knife, peirced my heart and robbed me of life. I wandered in endless misery, heart in a cage bound by thorns.... (more »)
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Attacked, stranded, sit and hover, Hungry, questions, finally discover. All alone I fend them off, I block their parry, I buckled their swash. But they came to overpower thee, One hundred men, to just one me, All a hundred, together they... (more »)
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