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Most Recent Ballads

Here are the most recent ballads:

The Night I Went Mad.
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The smoke lingerd in my nose. Empty bottles filled the floor. Blurred vision and no sign of a door. My anxiety rapidly rose.   They said, "Just do it" I didn't put up a fight I mean it is just one night. Then I took the hit.... (more »)
Through the Days.
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Day 1 You and I were nothing but fun. Day 2 We began to argue. Day 3 You wouldn't leave me be. Day 4 I was alone, crying on the floor. Day 5 I never felt more alive. Day 6 I fell for your tricks. Day 7 I was in heaven.... (more »)
Tying Flowers
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Tying flowers and wasting hours As tears blend into the April showers. The rope that holds them keeps them tall, But all around, like weights we fall And hit the grass that you are under. A garden will bloom here, and no wonder; Our... (more »)
Snow Day
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Winter sun rises, but cold doesn’t retreat Gray clouds and gray sky, window obstructed by sleet Against the chilling air, clouds of breath dissipate Snow day declared, children enjoy sleeping late One child, poor dear, sounded by white... (more »)
The Walk
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Ice cold, torrential downpour This is what we survived Lacking fundamentals This is where we thrive We are frozen and bent Rain drops chill bones Drawn in by a clearing Like a moth to light We stand together Sheltered from the rain,... (more »)
To Live is to Die
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When I shut my hazel eyes I can listen purely to my beating heart hammer against the restraining walls of my chest. I listen diligently to the one reason I stay alive. If it abruptly stopped, then I would be put to rest. All of these endless... (more »)
My Suicide Note
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Silence sprawled all over,people's eyes scanning me. Finding quiver in voice, beholding shuddering, trembling me I stood in screaming silence, pressing lips banning its twitch Gulping tangled burden as salty water raced down my cheeks.  ... (more »)
Writer's Block
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Not a single well written word crosses my blank mind. It's almost as if I have absolutely not a thing to say. Or maybe it's the fear that no one will listen to what my words speak and they will be thrown to the wind. My fear is that no one... (more »)
My Friend Was
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My Friend what have you seen? Do tell ‘bout the saddening gleam Two black holes replaced the light Your eyes; today or twilight? You say you’ve seen thee ugly truth That you must go and in your youth ‘Cause life’s a game with none... (more »)
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Take thy lute, fair maid, and play— Where the forest’s tangles splay When the sky calls “end-of-day”— Beside the stream thy troubles lay. Take thy lute, fair maid, and sing— Where the distant church bells ring When the brown... (more »)
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black-and-white and moonlight and shadows on the wall and midnight breath and creeping wind and shadows down the hall quiet ear and steps near and softly stepping shoes and closing doors and mother’s tear and baby brother’s coos... (more »)
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Phantoms walk the earth, And visions come to me, And demons take their berth In kingdoms ‘cross the sea. Shadows close my eyes, And wind stifles my ears, Yet whisperings of lies I can always hear. Dead men come to life, And good men... (more »)
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Home is supposed to be where you feel secure. You shouldn’t have too worry about being judged because home is where you’re supposed to be yourself. Home is supposed to be where you can take your guard down and be a little immature. But... (more »)
The Game
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The entire human race is better than you. You don’t deserve any breathing living person because their better than you. No one deserves the throbbing heartache that comes along with you being a part of their life. I won’t lie, there’s... (more »)
Big Brown Eyes
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In my lifespan, my eyes have connected with perhaps a billion brown eyes. But when my eyes met his for the first time, it was like our souls connected. It’s when he stares deep into my eyes that I feel it’s as if he can read my inner... (more »)
Should I listen?
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I spend an unreasonable amount of time worrying about petty problems that just don’t matter. I'm tired of pretending to be the person that everyone imagines to be perfect. The urge to scream and shout inside of me is overwhelming. But I... (more »)
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