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Planting a seed

May 5, 2018
By apricotprincess BRONZE, Basel, Other
apricotprincess BRONZE, Basel, Other
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The colours never look the same 
And every day I seem to change my name 
When I hurt, I bleed for years
And stand knee-deep in my tears

But when I shine, I forget the puddles that I bled 
And sunflowers start growing out of my head
Like one sunny day in the middle of rain season
A drive down the rivers and roads to give me reason 

I bend over the tap and let the water flow
With every drop, feeling the weed inside me grow 
My lips are numb and my head is dazed
The water dripping down my mouth has me unfazed

My body caresses the floor with a smack
The cold of the concrete arching my back
The water from my mouth meets the stone
And forms a trail of Goosebumps down my backbone

Like the foggy mirror after a shower
I feel completely out of my power
And no matter how hard I exhale
I never manage to break through the veil

My reflection in the skylight above me
Changing its shade at every degree
But I can never grasp which one is right
Before it disappears out of my sight

It’s like a blanket that never covers your feet
You don’t seem to notice when your room is filled with heat
But when the winter comes you can feel the cold
Frantically starting to push pull and fold

Despite how much I like to wallow in my pain
And lay in the comforts that my tears contain
I want to watch the fireflies become visible in the night
Take in the good times before they drop out of my sight

The sunflowers now start to blossom and bloom
The weed has finally grown out they presume
And once they stop worrying about every degrees
Slowly but surely they start attracting the bees

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