The Glass is 5/4 Full (An Ode to Truth or Dare)

May 4, 2018
By AllTheSuperRacehorses SILVER, Haverford, Pennsylvania
AllTheSuperRacehorses SILVER, Haverford, Pennsylvania
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Today I lose my dignity
To something light, sublime
To men and wilted flowers
To breathless smiles and lime

If I could stop the ocean swell
From stretching the waistband of time
The bees could float beyond the stripes
And grace the hard earned grime

In this moment I need not flattery
For they’ll smile but never stare
The lace and space tell the story
That I so rarely share

We’re all so purely parabolic
Straight edges can’t compare
To an afternoon so saturated
We truly reside right there

The author's comments:

Rebellion always tastes sweeter in the sunset

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