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April 26, 2018
By 64563 BRONZE, Kerman, CA, California
64563 BRONZE, Kerman, CA, California
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The ship was cheered
The water was cleared
Marily did we drop
We were below the lighthouse top

Next Morning the sun came up
So bright blind he
Shipwrecked down into the sea
We came out clear

Calling for help we feared
Saw the ship disappear
Swam to the island we see
Went close and saw thee

Stepped foot on the island
Looked around, it was dryland
I felt no pain, on a island
In deafness off your silence

Yet we saw a ship for help
Its someone who showed up
To reap a whining whelp
Such a big ship, but didn’t give no lip

Finally returned home gave a tip
Said don’t trip
Save money to eat a slice a pizza and don’t forget to leave them a tip.

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