April 6, 2018
By Ericaluooo SILVER, Wheat Ridge, Colorado
Ericaluooo SILVER, Wheat Ridge, Colorado
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Am I just floating through time, no I don’t want to waste your time with some cliche stuff  that I can’t flow but can I? I'm starving for the recontitions of fame no I don’t want to be lame because i'm not maybe i’m a little awkward but that’s me right now and I'm cool with that but you’re going to listen to me because i’m just another person on a radio station, that singing or rapping about the good life if I changed my life.

No maybe it’s you that gets me through but I don’t know i'm in some grove that I love to be in and I don’t want to change it. I like where i’m at oh? You’ve looked at my songs well that's cool because i’ve moved on to something else i’m not starving to be famous be to be famous you have to know someone to move up or have a weird thing. There’s nothing with talent in the music because you know what, it’s all sad repeated words… no maybe it’s the thought of you that gets me through or maybe i’m in some groove.

Hi, how are you? I know i’m doing good i’m starving for another chance at fame no? So i’m just another person starving for some fame because i’ve made it big? No, are you in love, oh so am I, but in case what type? I hate the thought of you not around because i’m trying to make it big with you by my side. Wow, that's cool i’ve heard alot about you i’ve seen you around but never got the chance to make it big with you, hmm that’s dope but seriously what type are you in to?
I hate the thought of you not being by my side when I make it big. But that okay i’ll make it somehow, I promise I won’t forget the people that helped me build up to this point in my life. Hmm maybe i’ll make it big in LA but for right now i’m making it big in some small town.

And I hate the thought of being alone but just the thought of you makes me feel less… hmm what type did you say again? I’m sorry i’m just another artists just trying to strive for another achievement for a stardom to fame. Or maybe just a ride to a full four year college? Or maybe just another day in a life of my private jet just jetting to some offshore island. Or maybe i’ll just get on some webcam and make it big like that pouring out my emotions into one song or emotions… hmm I got to go i’ve drained my battery hmm the mic, lights, camera, action.

The author's comments:

Hobo Johnson inspired this work. Freefrom just vibe with it.

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