The Fennec

March 26, 2018
By jessieduplantis BRONZE, Slidell, Louisiana
jessieduplantis BRONZE, Slidell, Louisiana
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Once upon a Sunday dreary, while I pondered, meek and fearing
I sat mournfully in bed, thinking of work that i’ll forego
As I nodded, nearly sleeping, a sound came creeping
And, after weeping, I heard a quiet falsetto
A soft, creeping falsetto
Yet, I opened the door to say Hello

Ah, I remember fondly, perched on my doormat sat a fox
I kicked aside a box and caught a wind of vertigo
The fox had moved so quickly, I found its movements sickly
And as it moved purposefully, its movement was staccato
It looked at me fearlessly and its movement was staccato
As it screeched “tomorrow”

And the fennec’s gaze I desperately dodged
As I watch the season finale in the light of the tv’s glow
The fox watched intently, its glare nearly friendly
I question gently, what will happen next in this show
I wonder intensely what will happen next in this show
Quoth the fennec “Tomorrow”

I began to grow anxious due to the fox on my mantle
All of the work I had to do, it seemed to know
And as it sat, quite like a cat – on my mantle, at that
My heart went flat as I was reminded of my Art Portfolio
I nearly spat as I was reminded of my Art Portfolio
Quoth the fennec “Tomorrow”

As the hours passed, I began to lose my sanity
But yet the fox was still waiting, still waiting
With only a single word to throw
The fox frustrating, my emotions negating
“HOW DO I DO THIS?” I yelled, suffocating my sorrow
Concentrating my rage and suffocating my sorrow
Quoth the fennec “Tomorrow”

The author's comments:

A tale about procrastination and a fennec

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