My dog and me

March 17, 2018

I lay next to you
And you lay next to me
I hug and cuddle you
And you kiss me

I go to school
And you wait for me
I go to the store
And you look out the window
Wondering where I could be

I grew taller
And taller
And taller
You grew older
And older
And older
But our love stays the same

We move to a new house
And another
And another
We move to a new area
And you come with us

You get sick
And I start to cry
They take you away
And never return
They explain to me that you aren’t coming back

We go to a new house
And your not there
I couldn’t hug you
You couldn’t give me a kiss
I couldn’t lay next to you

We move again
We got someone new
Someone to hug
To cuddle
To give kisses
But my love for you
Will never disappear

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