Distractions of a Protest

March 22, 2018
By livfelicia9 BRONZE, Medford, New Jersey
livfelicia9 BRONZE, Medford, New Jersey
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I’m sorry, was I a distraction

Sitting here, saying nothing, taking notes?
I’m sorry, was I a distraction
When I raised my hand to ask a question?

I am sorry, did my shoulder stop you from reading this?
My shorts that made you forget algebra?
My shirt that made you forget your paper?

I’m sorry, did my socks make my education less valuable than yours?
Did my outfit that made ME feel good
Make you forget I am a human?

I’m sorry, did you forget to control yourself
After I spent my time
To feel pretty
Only to feel like a piece of meat?

No, it was I who forgot
That seeing a girl is something that’s never happened to you!
That’s the only explanation!
You don’t know how to act
because no one ever told you YOU were wrong
Because it was the outfit that asked for it.

I am sorry I forgot that boys were no longer taught to be gentlemen
I am sorry I forgot that the lives of daughters, sisters, and mothers
Are still not respected by the very men who are sons, fathers, and brothers.

I am truly sorry if this protest was a distraction to you.

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