Through Their Eyes

February 21, 2018

What is that
Is that a car moving
Or a
Bee flapping its wings

Is that
The glistening water
Or the
Just the blinding rays of the sun

Do I hear a movie playing
Or is it
Just people talking

Do I see a rainbow
Or is it
Just a figment of my imagination

I’m scared
I feel like I’m in a world
All by myself
The sounds are scaring me

What is that
Was that a horn
Did the traffic light change
What is that noise
Is that someone walking
Or is it a
Monster coming to take me away

Where is my music
I need my phone
I need my Ipad
Please give it to me

There is a lot of
I’m scared
I don’t want to be around all these people
I want to leave

What is this
It taste weird
It is gooey and squishy
I don’t like it
What is this
It is crunchy
It is Salty
I don’t like it

Let me go
I don’t want to take my medicine
It is gross
Let me go
Maybe if I move a lot
I won’t have to take it

Why is the world so scary
Why is it so loud
Why does everything taste weird
Why do I have to take medicine
Answer me
Tell me

I don’t care if it is
Difficult to understand
I don’t care
Just Tell me

How is this possible
I don’t understand

Is that why
Everything is so loud
Why everything taste weird
Why I have to take medicine
I see things differently
Than most people

I don’t want to have autism
But there is no cure is there
Of course not

I guess I will have to live with it
For the rest of my life
I wish though
That people could see through my eyes

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