Through Their Eyes

February 21, 2018
By Cheetah_beat SILVER, Sanford, Florida
Cheetah_beat SILVER, Sanford, Florida
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What is that
Is that a car moving
Or a
Bee flapping its wings

Is that
The glistening water
Or the
Just the blinding rays of the sun

Do I hear a movie playing
Or is it
Just people talking

Do I see a rainbow
Or is it
Just a figment of my imagination

I’m scared
I feel like I’m in a world
All by myself
The sounds are scaring me

What is that
Was that a horn
Did the traffic light change
What is that noise
Is that someone walking
Or is it a
Monster coming to take me away

Where is my music
I need my phone
I need my Ipad
Please give it to me

There is a lot of
I’m scared
I don’t want to be around all these people
I want to leave

What is this
It taste weird
It is gooey and squishy
I don’t like it
What is this
It is crunchy
It is Salty
I don’t like it

Let me go
I don’t want to take my medicine
It is gross
Let me go
Maybe if I move a lot
I won’t have to take it

Why is the world so scary
Why is it so loud
Why does everything taste weird
Why do I have to take medicine
Answer me
Tell me

I don’t care if it is
Difficult to understand
I don’t care
Just Tell me

How is this possible
I don’t understand

Is that why
Everything is so loud
Why everything taste weird
Why I have to take medicine
I see things differently
Than most people

I don’t want to have autism
But there is no cure is there
Of course not

I guess I will have to live with it
For the rest of my life
I wish though
That people could see through my eyes

The author's comments:

My sister -who has autism- inspired me to make this poem. I want people to understand that most kids/people that have autism, have a hard time adapting to this world we live in. So, I want others who incounter people with autism to have an idea, why they act the way they do. This poem doesn't relat to all people with autsim but, does relate to a good handful.

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