The Pen and the Sword

February 18, 2018
By BlueDaisy SILVER, Springville, Utah
BlueDaisy SILVER, Springville, Utah
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There once was a girl who loved a boy
Every time she saw him, it filled her with joy
One day she wrote a letter to tell him how she felt
He laughed at her forevermore which caused her heart to melt.

He wrote her mean notes left in her desk, bag, and locker
She grew very depressed which shouldn’t be a shocker.
One day she was so desperate, that she took her life
That was when the people saw the notes that filled her with such strife.

Did they blame the boy who caused her so much grief?
No, they blamed the pen with which he wrote, to his great relief.
They smashed the pen and burned it in a fire.
What happened to the boy the girl had desired?

Nothing, for the pen was to blame
So they banned the darned thing which was really quite a shame.
Although the girl was dead, the people were appeased
The pen had been destroyed, so they were relieved

People are so quick to say
It wasn’t me, that made you grey
I was forced to, by the sword you see
That’s why she is dead, twas not me.

The author's comments:

Just like the pen in this poem, guns are not to blame for school shootings. Guns have no more control over their masters than pens. We can't keep blaming inanimate objects for problems that we've obviously ignored.

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