What Are Friends

February 19, 2018
By Cheetah_beat SILVER, Sanford, Florida
Cheetah_beat SILVER, Sanford, Florida
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What are friends
Are they the people
You hangout with
The people you
Tell secrets too

Is it the people
You want to be
With 24/7
Is it the people
That give you bad advice
But you listen to it

Is it the people
That pressure
You to do something you shouldn’t
Is it the people
That bail on you when times
Get rough
Is it the people
That will say it
Was your idea when
When you get in trouble

Is it the people
That comfort you after
Life gets tough
The people that
Give you space when
you need space

Is it the people
That will laugh
At your

Is it the people
That will understand
Who you are
And accept
Who you are
Not the mask you put on

Is it the people
That understand your
Tears not just your smile
The people that
You let through
The wall you put up
To protect yourself

Is it the people
That break down the
Stereotypes and words
You surround yourself with
The people that
Make weird Traditions
Like poking each other
Automatically talking about anime

Is it the people
That get your
Weird obsessions
The people
That listen to your problems
An help you through them
Because they know you
Can’t do it alone
What are friends
That is honestly
Up to you
But I would think
For a moment
And see
Are the people that you
Call your friends
Doing more good or bad

But I can’t change you're
I can only say what I think

But at least I can try

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