I imagine a world

February 19, 2018
By marek BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
marek BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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"Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world."
-Lucille Ball

I imagine a world

I imagine a world where there is no scale in charge of beauty
where everyone and everything is valued by their true allurement

I imagine a world where I am not defined by a test score
where everyone’s an individual
Genius is not defined by a piece of paper

I imagine a world where we are not torn apart by difference of opinion
where politics is not a right or a wrong but a thing to be discussed
and power is used with responsibility and not carelessness

I imagine a world where there is no hunger
Sounds simple, make them get a job, give them food
But have you seen poor countries or even looked outside?
Kids are begging for spare change because they have not been fed
Oh god, I wish it was simple.

I wish there was a world where no one would be taken advantage of
Where I would not feel like I need to hold my keys in my hand
or look over my shoulder as I am walking down an alley.
Where no women or man feel like they need to sleep with a person to get a job
Or to feel like they need to keep their mouth shut
when they are being taken advantage of.

I imagine a world where there is no gossip
Where I can walk down a hallway without hearing the awful words
Slut, whore, faggot and plenty of others
being thrown around like simple names to call humans
They have feelings, they hear what you say,
and they will always find out the truth
But choose not to start a fight for fear of being ridiculed for being a tattletale

I imagine a world where we are not forced by society to curl our hair perfectly and shape our brows
where eating disorders are not a common thing,
That a woman does not need anorexia to binge eating disorders to feel pretty
they are all unhealthy and heartbreaking

I imagine a world where anxiety does not exist
Where I can't hear my heart pumping in my chest
and my hands aren’t always twisting my ring,
My head buzzing, worrying myself sick, figuratively and literally
I wish that no one would have to experience this feeling
But sadly they do

I imagine a world where she loves me.
I don't want romance, I don’t want companionship 
I just want her to love me for who I am
I want her to stop hating me, hurting me, blaming me
Considering she looks in the mirror every day and sees me

I imagine all of these things and more
But not everything can be solved
Just imagine with me
It almost makes these fantasies feel like realities

The author's comments:

This poem is about my struggles in teen years and the feeling of not being able to control what happens to me and the world around me.

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