January 30, 2018

oh. the life, to be confined to edges,
to sullen corners, silent hallways shrinking
with passing time. to peer through iron fences
at cheers, congratulations, glasses clinking.

to reach for stars and come down empty-handed,
to watch them fall into another’s grasp,
the earth a glowing ember when they landed
the sky draining, dissolving into black.

oh, to be blinded each time She walks by
to hear the awestruck praises radiate
out from Her skin, even humility
only brings insistence twice as great

to gaze upon Her dress of stars, the same
stars you once marveled, faithfully revered,
mapped in constellations, swore to claim.
ambitions left but ends long disappeared.

To be Her friend, Her confidante, Her wall,
to be drawn ever closer to the sun,
wings frozen, mid-melt, waiting for the Fall,
bathed in burning wax and dreams undone

To my Winner, envy, downfall, lifeline,
My kindest wishes, unbreakable love
Follow you into the great Unknown

I hope your stars will never cease to shine
I hope you’ll never stop reaching above
I hope you’re always proud of all you’ve done

I hope you know by knowing you I’m blessed
I hope you’ll remember

your secondbest

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