Where I Live

January 26, 2018
By EpicDragonSlayr SILVER, Herndon, Virginia
EpicDragonSlayr SILVER, Herndon, Virginia
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Where I am, there is no hope
Every day is a dark day
I struggle to find light in all this darkness
But the truth, I cannot say

I live in isolation,
Away from the bustling city,
Away from mankind's problems,
From those who feel pity

Away from society,
Where greed and hate are born
I come from within
Where only the dead can mourn

Here, happiness is a dream
That never comes true
I just wait and wait
There’s nothing I can do

Everyday I try,
I try to find hope
But all I find
Is a downward slope

This is where I live
Where courage cannot be found
Where fear can get you
Without a sound

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