All The Beautiful Things

January 13, 2018

Pretty pink roses are one beautiful thing,
In this wonderful world where birds still sing.
Fresh fallen snow on a winter day,
Is one more arrow leading the way.
Colorful leaves in the season of fall,
Is another way to bring beauty to all.
Glistening lakes and a setting sun,
Is another great way to prove God has won.
Friends a family all around,
Laughing with joy, for they have been found.
A sky blue day with white fluff here and there,
Shows that mother nature really does have a care.
In this world of hate and distress,
There are real ways to exit the mess.
However the most gorgeous thing of all, can actually be found on your bedroom wall.
It's not a picture or painting or a coat rack, but a mirror that shows the most beautiful thing smiling back.

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