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January 9, 2018
By Deiara Moore SILVER, Baltimore, Maryland
Deiara Moore SILVER, Baltimore, Maryland
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This is something I would never do to you
I cant believe your lies blocked out what I already knew
You told me things and I thought they were true
Until I finally saw you weren’t telling the truth
I wanted to be the one who came to your rescue
I wanted to help you get over the ones that left you
You wanted me to get over the boy I loved
You told me to focus on you so I put you above
But you didn’t put me above him. Did you?
I didn’t think so you lied to cover what was true
You were still in love with him and you knew it
You broke up with me for him, you blew it
At first I didn’t believe that we broke up completely
I feel like an idiot to think that you could actually need me
I messed up and let your lies deceive me
Just for it to end and you end up leaving
Days passed, I was okay and sane
But the nights hit and I felt the pain
Pounding of my heart and pounding of my brain
Trying to fix our friendship and make it feel the same
But we both know it’s not going to be the same
I couldn’t even think of you without being in pain
But now I’m getting better and moving on with my life
Being your friend only will just have to suffice
Then you text me saying you want me back again
I apologized for denying but I only can be your friend
I don’t see why you had to pretend?
You knew your feelings, you set us up to end
I know I said I wasn’t mad but I lied
I am mad because I tried
I tried to be the best for you
I tried to get everything off my chest for you
I wanted to be different from the rest for you
Was I just a test for you?
Did you play with my emotions?
Now the memories are drowning me in an ocean
You caused chaos in my head
I’ll never forget what you said
You didn’t love me, you loved him all along
You had to choose between the two of us and you chose wrong
Well that’s what you said yourself, I’m just repeating
Saying everything you said that caused the misleading
You really did having me believing
But now it’s time to open my eyes
Focus on the truth and not your lies
I really hope everything works out for you
I just had to get these words out for you
I wanted you unlike him and you knew it
I really did love you and I tried my best to prove it
I wanted a relationship that would never end
He only wanted to continue being your best friend
I just hope you find someone to help you move on completely
You left, now it’s my turn to do the leaving
Within time, things will work out and you’ll be okay
But karma’s a b**** and that’s all I got to say.

The author's comments:

I loved this girl so much and she left me to be with a boy that didnt want her so I made this poem to express my feelings.

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