Me, Myself, and I part 2

December 26, 2017
By Deiara Moore SILVER, Baltimore, Maryland
Deiara Moore SILVER, Baltimore, Maryland
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I was a young teen and enjoying life
I came across you and you looked nice
I tapped my friend and pointed to you across the class
I decided to talk to you when you walked pass
I knew you were beautiful and smart
I wanted to play with you and your heart
One day, I lied and told you that I loved you in front of your friends
I put you on the spot even though it was just for pretend
You accepted the offer and we started dating
You were falling in love while I was just faking
After a while you wanted to quit but you didn’t stop
And we both watched your gpa drop
You didn’t listen to the advice from your pops
I didn’t love you, I didn’t even care
I only messed with you because of a dare
I played you like a fool
I caused you to mess up in school
I was too busy smoking weed and having fun
To busy to give a f*** about anyone
Your friends even tried to knock some sense into you
You didn’t listen, you just dealt with all the pain I put you through
Not once did I felt the slightest pity
I played with you because I thought you were pretty
I cheated on you, I lied to you, and worse
I didn’t care that I made you hurt
One day you finally gave up on us
I broke your heart and I broke your trust
You were naive and pathetic to fall for me
You were also stupid to give up your all for me
Im just selfish and heartless
Your friends shouldn’t have told you to start this
You shouldn’t have wanted any part of this
I knew how this was going to end before I started this
You were so desperate for someone to love you that you didn’t see you got played
Honestly, I’m actually surprised because of how long you stayed
How long did it take you to see?
That you’re not the girl for me
Maybe the love blinded your eyes
Maybe your ears clouded out the lies
Anyway, now you know my true intentions
Oh and there’s one more thing I’d like to mention
Im a selfish guy and I’ll be like this till I die
Why? Because I only care about me, myself, and I

The author's comments:

My friend wrote part 1 and it inspired me to write part 2. I was aiming for the boy to be sort of a jerk in the poem.

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