Tug and Pull

December 21, 2017
By gata_reveur BRONZE, Cupertino, California
gata_reveur BRONZE, Cupertino, California
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Favorite Quote:
The general consensus is: we will come to love the things we have to suffer for.

Funny how opposites attract.
I suppose you want to find what you lack,
But in doing so, you sacrifice your tact
Since you’re confronted with someone outside your expertise
Even if you live together, you’ll be an outsider, to say the least

Perhaps you want ionic chemistry
Scared of how perfectly
Empathy washes over violent history
Perhaps you want hierarchy
Under the farce of fair diplomacy
But if you’re a lover, you already know the rules:
Use everything and everyone as a tool
For there are no restrictions or laws
In war and love, governed by win or loss
All is fair, thus even as a totalitarian
You can’t be labeled a barbarian

You’ll always be a victim if anything
Choked by society until there’s a ring
Give it 5 years, let’s see if it rusts
Time washes away scalding lust
Changing the metal mold until nothing fits
Not the belts you own, godforsaken wall paint, nor your baby powder kiss
The house will cave in on you until the talk
Where they have to act shocked
Pretending that you two were fine
With just passion and raw feelings, no strife
Besides, everyone wanted your life

Or maybe they did
Until you realized you got stuck with a kid
Who looked nothing like you did

Was it the skin dyed wrong, or the baby’s unfamiliar face
With traces of your partner, but features your genes couldn’t make
Was it the phone calls or the scent foreign to your nose
Belonging to the candle-lit shadow giving your partner midnight shows
Was it the eyes of your so-called child which reflected a stranger
Or maybe the fact that you pretended to not smell danger
Novel cologne and perfume, and a little cocktail lime
Imprinted on their wardrobe by the Samaritan helping them “work overtime”

Well, opposites do attract
Until another stranger with things that you lack
Stabs you in the back
For all is fair and fair is all
You can’t win if you fall
When your heart is pulled by fatal attraction
But the most addictive love is poisonous passion

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