An Angel

November 30, 2017
By CoenNendick BRONZE, Prior Lake, Minnesota
CoenNendick BRONZE, Prior Lake, Minnesota
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Down from the sky
Down she flies
Bathed in a golden light
With wings of soft white

Watch the grass grasp
Watch it tightly clasp
Watch it careen
Watch the waving green

Watch the clouds split
When to this figure they submit
Whispering in the windy air
The white clouds floating there

See the dirt covered earth
Shaking with great mirth
Land forming anew
Its rocky fingers grew

Hear the gentle waves of the ocean
As it changes its constant motions
The jump towards her
Trying to get closer

Hear the little birds
Their peaceful words
They quite and stunned
Their songs they won’t tongue

See all the animals
From fish to mammal
Looking up in wonder
Watching clouds sunder

As she gets lower and lower
Time seems to move even slower
Moving as if old and weak
No longer fast and sleek

The people stand and stare
Wonder and curiosity they share
But not a single word is spoken
For fear the peace will be broken

As she touches down
There is no sound
After a moment it stops
(continue from stops)
And on her knees she drops

Life starts and goes on
For everything and everyone
But in my spot I still stand
My arms out offering my hand

For others time moves normal
But for me it is most abnormal
For me time is stopped
While sit with her in that spot

It’s been months since that day
That for the angel my heart did sway
To this day time still stops
Whenever our eyes do lock

When she smiles
My soul soars a mile
When she's sad
My world goes bad

It's been this way
Since that glorious day
When my world was silent
Nothing being defiant

It’s been like good like this
I've been in bliss
Nothing i’ve seen
Is as beautiful
As the angel with a broken wing

The author's comments:

A girl you I fell for, at the time we were barely friends. We are now engage in a relationship. I hope that people can see that in this time of chaos and dissorder, that there are moments of absolute peace.

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