#3, Go Battle It Out!!

November 2, 2017

Each touch I take is careful
Can not hit too far
The run I make is dareful
This turf burn will leave a scar

My left foot, what I choose
To bring it up the field
I take a hit and get a bruise
I wish I had a knight with a shield

The sweat runs down my face
Waiting to receive a throw in
Already scored a brace
Around the defender I do a spin

Closer, closer I get
No substitutes on the bench
There is no way I will be quit
Feels like a war in a trench

I receive the ball, take a touch
The power comes from my core
I hope to come in clutch
This game has not been a bore

I run up to a defender near
We attack the ball at the same time
In this moment I have no fear
No whistle signalling half-time

As I go at the same time as her
We both connect on the ball
This rest is a complete blur
To the ground I quickly fall

I feel like something is wrong
I hear a nice loud pop
Coach  expects me to stay strong
But, I really do need to stop

My knee that aches
Swelling then appears
A bad MCL sprain but no breaks
This will not ruin my career

Number three is out for three weeks
Itching to get back out there
Frustration, visible from my eyes to my cheeks
The big brace that I hate to wear

Soon enough I will be back
Feeling like Bambi on ice
Speed and strength, I do not lack
But, the game I love isn’t always so nice

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