The Girl No One Loved

October 18, 2017
By definitionoflife GOLD, Sheridan, Wyoming
definitionoflife GOLD, Sheridan, Wyoming
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There once was a girl,
innocent and pure.
She always loved everyone;
she was strong and sure.

Then one day the girl
started to grow.
She still loved everyone,
but she had met her foe.

There once was a girl
struggling to hang on
to innocence and purity,
but she was feeling like a con.

Pretty soon the girl,
her lesson was learning,
about a hard life;
for happiness she was yearning.

There once was a girl,
broken and scarred.
She tried to love everyone,
but it was too hard.

The girl who loved everyone
didn’t last long;
she was only seventeen
when everything went wrong.

There once was a girl,
silent and cold,
who lay in a casket
because she didn’t fit the mold.

There once was a girl
who had a lesson to show;
be kind to everyone
because you never know.

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