September 28, 2017
By Rureal BRONZE, MARGATE, Florida
Rureal BRONZE, MARGATE, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"You Will Find Beauty In Being Broken."

Somehow you convinced her to get onto that plane
You knew what she was risking but you didn’t care
You saw her as beauty and boobs but no brain
To her this was love but to you it meant nothing but an affair


You sat her in her seat and told her to stay calm
Knowing that she trusted you, you’d still let her down
You examined her and knew exactly where to plant your bomb
You made a promise to her face that you’d never make her frown


You and your words hijacked that plane
The plane started shaking and became turbulent
What happened to all those promises you made
The atmosphere around her soon became violent


She should’ve known better but you seemed so different
You swear you’d never hurt her or make her feel alone
Now she’s crying and now just realizing you’ve always been ignorant
Now her heart and emotions were slowly turning into stone


You planted the bomb in the engine, her heart
Some part of you enjoyed seeing her suffer
She should’ve known all men were the same from the start
But she still wished, somehow you’d just want to actually love her


You held a gun to her chest and pulled the trigger
The gun was silent so she couldn’t hear
She felt the pain and believed it was okay
Because of you, you made her this way


She always knew love couldn’t be perfect
But what was love without pain
Toxic love was the best
Because in the end you’d both end up insane


In her eyes, hurting her was okay because she loved you
And thought you loved her too

The author's comments:

Many of us have been torn apart and love the ones who hurt us the most because we believe it's the right thing. When I wrote this, I wrote it for fun, but recently I've been broken and played, so now there's a meaning. 

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