An Origin Story

October 5, 2017
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I am from red kool aid and mickey mouse pancakes
From The Lion King and from Calliou
I am from my mom tucking me in at night
And whispering “I love you”

I am from a veteran and a nurse
From hard work and demands
I am from a brown brick duplex
And lemonade stands

I am from headstands on the couch
And from my favorite princess crown
I am from spinning around in Daddy’s office chair
And eventually falling down

I am from scraped knees
And rug burns
And bruises
And paper cuts

I am from Summer Stock
From the drama and music
I had always loved so much

I am from the sound of rain on my window
And the smell of the fireplace
From watching American Idol with my family
And from reading about outer space

I am from holding his hand
And falling in love for the first time
I am from heartache
And tears
And “I thought you were mine”

I am from NYU sweatshirts and coffee mugs
From dreams of the future
From not liking hugs

I am from courage and fear
Smiles and frowns
Right side up and Upside down
From Oops and Uh Oh
A thousand different times
From anxiety
And depression
And still loving life...

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delaney.dvorsky said...
Oct. 7 at 8:46 pm
This is not a ballad, far too short and far from epic
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