The Wrath of Harvey and Irma

September 14, 2017
By 13Oli13 SILVER, Tampa, Florida
13Oli13 SILVER, Tampa, Florida
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Devastation and destruction ruled our world
Sadness and grief began to unfurl
On that fateful day Harvey reached land
Destroying futures people have planned

Death and damage came one for all
He made everyone feel so small
Rain, floods, and broken hearts
The pain we feel is off the charts

People and animals left without a home
Left on the streets and the world to roam
Years it would take for us to rebuild
But can’t rebuild the families he’s killed

Just when we thought the end was near
Irma creates in us a grand new fear
Born strong and getting fearless
Created a sense of hopelessness

Destroying entire cities and islands
The only sound was wind and silence
Battering houses and breaking souls
On the Caribbean and Florida, she sets her goals

Stronger and stronger she dares to be
From our homes she watches us flee
Beaten down and feeling so low
She gives us a break and decides to slow

All that’s left is for us to heal
And find enough food for all our meals
Send prayers and hope to those affected
And bring some smiles to all dejected

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