Your List

August 6, 2017

This is the list of all you pain and imperfections.
The list that shows the sorrow of unreturned affections.
Your time and space here means nothing.
Your end here is something we’re all longing.
You fail at the easiest things.
We have talents, what do you bring?
We have friends and family that we love!
Where as your so low even ants are above.
You so outta place it’s not even right!
You’re still grounded even when we’re in flight.
However… everything above is false.
You’re electrifying with a rhythmic waltz.
You are imperfect that’s why you’re perfect
People adore you with your warming effect.
The moments you live here we cherish and love.
We never want you to leave, you’re a sacred dove.
The talents you possess are greater than to compare.
It’s to be kind with great love to share.
You stick out like a diamond with light to bring!
You soar among those, who claim you have no wings!
You see at first the list is what u made.
Second was what everyone else had to say.

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