July 20, 2017
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You're moving now, a mobile missile

The onyx Cadillac grumbles, docile yet dangerous

Calm rides the blue sea-waves of your bloodstream

Engine shrilly testifies of your control

You are the master of this beast

It's carnal drive soothes you

It's thirst for blood awes you

A train track of tar in front of you

A world of power slides like clinking coins between your fingers

Eyes locked in front like a terminator

All is well in Zion, they say

A fledgling worm of a thought inflates as a ballon

Boiling gases straddle the recesses of your brain

A task so simple

It is done

But when eyes click back to reality, something's wrong

Shapes warp in flitting malevolence

Engine light in brain erupts



Shapes contort like writhing rats

They form an obstacle, much too close

Right in front

Mind screams

Thoughts buzz

Instincts yell, yell, yell to your limbs

Foot smashes the breaks

Breaks gasp and whither

Too old too feeble too sick with metallic stroke

Obstacle slides so close

Breaks squeal in torturous agony

I'm trying I'm trying 


Clock resets like Groundhog Day

Time rolls, twists like a globe

Sends me back in time

I am a soldier

Normandy maybe

A German shell stomped the earth like a thousand boots of dynamite

Sand and earth wail like ghosts

Thoughts lean and flip like drunken acrobats

Maybe I'm in a video game

Suddenly all sounds melt and pool in muddy array

A stream of cognitive ringing replaces

Adrenaline sprays in my eyes

I am back

Are they dead

Am I Charles Manson?

Ted Bundy?


Rushing now

The red sea-waves are crashing on me now

Crippling conscious emotion

I blink

Nope I'm still here

Not far from home but so lost in thought

There's no place like home

There's no crash like a totaled heart

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