A Gift from Nigeria

May 22, 2017
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A little girl from africa
Came strolling through my yard,
With weeds a tangle in her hair
Her struggles seemed quite hard.

She had a smile like the sun
Which beamed bright light for all,
But in her eyes the urge to run
Was strong as a rook’s call.

I let her in my home that night
Despite my steady fear,
For I was told to do what’s right
To all those far and near.

The girl, she gazed into my soul
And this is what she said,
“Kind lady won’t you make me whole,
Or maybe make a bed.”

I made a bed for that young girl,
She lay her head to rest,
While I was lost in such a swirl
Deciding what comes next.

She clung to me, a piece of art
That’s stuck upon a wall,
She somehow snuck into my heart,
My love for her grew tall.

The day had come for us to part,
My guts spilled on the floor,
For on that day I had to cart
My darling off the shores,

And since she left, I do regret
Succumbing to the laws,
For every minute since, I fret
A piece of me was lost. 

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