To My Friend

May 14, 2017

I remember that time when our friendship almost died,
That time when all we did was cry.
I remember all the commotion,
And how our actions were only powered by our emotions.
I remember when our hurtful words just made things worse,
But I also remember when we made each other realize there is so much more in this world than hurt.
I remember the time when all we saw was beauty in everyone's eyes,
And how that helped us see through all the lies.
We stuck together through thick and thin.
Times have gotten tough, but we never gave in.
We are almost in high school which is where we go our separate ways,
But don't worry, I'll text you every single day.
People always look at us and laugh,
But we know they're just jealous of the friendship we have.
They say all friendships must come to an end,
But not this one. It's like a song on repeat; playing over and over again.

The author's comments:

This is dedicated to my best friend JoJo who has always stuck with me no matter what.

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