April 15, 2017
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You trudged through life

An endless mundane maze,

No elation your way nor strife,

And living ceased to amaze.


You pondered through the dimming light

The cause for things as they were,

Oh! would that I ease your plight

By having this message delivered.


I am none other than your mind

Ready to render unfaltering service.

I have logic analyzed and literature opined

And I can be moulded and chiselled.


A slave to your desire and your will.

Pure devotion makes my manacle.

I am that pulsates with a fire

Only you can start and instil.


Overwhelming despair led you on a vicious cycle,

Watching forlorn as your faculties diminished.

Fate bore the brunt of being fickle,

Existence and nature became accused.


'Twas only your pinnacle you sought to reach,

Being hoi polloi caused you distress.

Oh! would that I had the power of speech,

The following I would have expressed.


You are not a victim of your circumstances

If, from determination you do not waiver,

I will earnestly adopt your every stance,

For I am your faithful follower.


Rejoice! you heard my voice,

You feel your senses enliven,

You realize you have the choice,

I, your mind, am the laboratory for all your ambition.

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