the true meaning of life

April 8, 2017

There once was a girl named Wendy Wu and she was born in the great city of China where the Chinese believed in the ways of the dragon. Although the Emperor was demanding towards others, he was very caring for his daughters Mei and Sue. The emperor also believed in the ways of the dragon. But thatss not all the people and the emperor believed in; they also did very brutal karate to learn how to fight in an emergency state, if and when their friends/family members are getting attacked. Well one day Wendy saw a very beyond brutal attack. When she and her mom were walking the crowded streets of the city, Wendy saw her best friend Jackie getting beat up. He had stolen some bananas from the fruit market and the Emperors guards caught him. While that was happening you may think that it was very emotional for her, but she was full of anger and she was never gonna let Jackie die, and just because she was seventeen did not ever mean that she couldn’t get the ancient dragons powerful karate moves. In fact when she was getting really angery the dragon that wendy thought was ancient, saw the attack and flew over the entire city; now not one person has ever seen the dragon so no one shot it. The amazing part of the story is when the dragon passed the fight, she used the crane pose and by the power the dragon gave, she was able to fight the guards off and they fought back with the weapons they secretly had in their armor, the dragons power did not work as well as they’d hoped. Wendy was taken from the city of china to the emperor in the castle where the dragon was also being held in captivity. “See what happens when you fight my guards with the ‘dragons power?’ “  the emperor said, with a whip in his hand.    “there is no way you would take a whip to a helpful creature like the dragon!”  

“Watch me!” the emperor shouted. He took the whip that was in his hand and “slash!” the whip hits the dragons back hitting it as hard as a baseball bat hitting the ball out of the park. Wendy couldn’t help but cry and shouted “just keep me in captivity! Let the poor thing be wild, he doesn’t deserve punishment just for living!”. As tears were streaming down from her eyes, they went onto the floor and when they made a stream that could reach the dragon but the tears were full of love and sorrow for the dragon that they turned him into what happened to be Wendy’s best friend Jackie.


When she saw him, the guards let her go. The love that she showed for Jackie rescued him from getting thrown into captivity, which the emperor saw and he thought to himself ‘wow, no one has ever done that before.’ So he came down from the throne and said with a smile on his face, he said ‘thank you for showing me that beauty’

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