April 4, 2017
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Today I looked at him and felt a flicker, an ignition between us
Neither foreign nor new but exciting - to me, at least
A daytime star was breathing through each of his eyes
A clementine sunrise stretching across his cheeks

Why hadn’t I seen it before? The light breathing through him
He was breezy and warm with cherry popsicle lips
A timeless smile that made me think of fifties love songs
And old timey diners and late night ice cream parlor trips

Then a song bounced between my temples and rang in my ears
It got louder, stronger, “Is that my hand boiling in yours?”
It must have been mine, but then again, I didn’t hurt or burn
Or blister or shrivel under his touch, in fact I craved more

Two months in and it already feels like our time is curtailed
And while I love the warmth, I’m scared that we’ll cool
And if this ends like they always do, I have no idea what I’ll be
Or how I’ll deal with being in love with you once we go off to school

But this one thing I know for sure: You are mine today
And despite the end of our time and the falling of the curtain
Our lives and hearts are preserved in the heat of this memory
And I will still feel your warmth, your love, and this I know for certain

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Onyx* said...
Apr. 19 at 7:05 pm
This is really good!
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