She's beautiful

March 29, 2017
By Madihewitt05 BRONZE, Naples, Florida
Madihewitt05 BRONZE, Naples, Florida
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She is beautiful
All the guys want her
All the girls want to be her
She doesn't know it
But she's beautiful

Girls are jealous of her beauty
She doesn't need makeup to cover up
She's pretty without it
She doesn't need to dress up
She looks great in anything

She's adorable
She's funny
Her laugh is contagious
She's the star to the night
She shines so bright

She is a diamond
She is unbreakable
But she can completely fall apart
She could flood the Shores with her tears
But she can always dry into something wonderful

Everything about her is perfect
When her dirty blonde hair hits sunlight
It turns golden
And that's when she looks like an angel
And with that she shines

The author's comments:

I'm bisexual and I wrote this about a girl that I once dated 

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