March 29, 2017
By Madihewitt05 BRONZE, Naples, Florida
Madihewitt05 BRONZE, Naples, Florida
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Sometimes she wants to be left alone
Sometimes she wishes she wasn't born at all
She yells at people who don't understand her
She doesn't want to come up from under the water

All those screaming matches she has with her father
She always want to run away and live her mother
All those times she wanted to commit suicide
All those painful feeling that she wants to hide

All those hurt words people said to her
All those mean people her hated her
All those meaningless and hurtful lies
She just wants to run away and hide

Hide from her unloving care of her mom
Hide from her addiction to drugs
Not cry or be hurt that she went to jail
It her f***ing fault that she bailed

Bailed on something wonderful
Bailed on something beautiful
She doesn't want her she never loved her

She left her to die
Let's face it she lied
She abandoned her at the age four
She wanted the drugs more than her

The author's comments:

Don't do drugs

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