Never Again

March 29, 2017
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Will I ever love again,
oh life won’t end,
oh my old friend,
oh never again,

The dark distant hallways,
in the deepest shadows,
i'll be there always,
in maroon blood,

Don’t remember,
the ones you abandon,
and left behind,
oh the beast inside,
no don't rewind,

Not another dance,
no way,
you lost your chance,

I’ll get older,
between us,
you'll get colder,
i thought I had your trust,

Oh the deepest secrets within,
not what meets the eye,
some secrets hidden,
time to say good bye,
oh take a good long look at me,
i'm not who I used to be,

You lost your chance,
oh never again,
will I dance,

Love doesn't play around,
oh no,
love is like the roller coaster,
that goes up and down,

One less concern,
to deal with,
you'll learn.

Love broken me,
farther than can be,
I use to love you,
to the moon and back,
oh what a view,
of not see you,

Not another dance,
no way,
you lose your chance,

One word,
cracks the heart,
torn apart,

Never again,
my old friend,

Oh not another dance,
no way,
you lost your chance,

Oh I'll never love again,
oh never again,
oh oh,
never again,
oh my old friend ,

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