The Time I Dropped It MAG

March 28, 2017
By Peak_Pluvo SILVER, Las Cruces, New Mexico
Peak_Pluvo SILVER, Las Cruces, New Mexico
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The whole sky shattered as it fell
The stab of shards against my skin
And I could do nothing but stare
While pricks of sorrow jabbed within
It plummeted downward like a rock
Yet it swirled around like a feather
And oh, the way I screamed and shrieked
As it plunged deep into the nether
And then it splintered into two halves
And I felt my whole world jerk apart
It mingled with my many tears
That leaked out of my slitted heart
Woe is me! I called my mom
But she simply sighed with a groan:
“For heaven’s sake, please grow up
It’s just a stupid ice cream cone.”

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