Good bye

March 28, 2017
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It started when my mom asked
Me did i want to move to
A different city i say ”yes” not
Knowing she was being serious

So the next week or so
She told me to starting packing my
Things and i said “mom what do you mean”.
I'm confused not knowing what to

So i pack my stuff thinking
It's a joke, until the landlord come
Out the house saying when do you think
You’ll be out? And my mom said in about
A month

And then she sold my bed set
And then she sold the fishes and the tank
And then she sold the basement furniture
All in one day
And i think we moving so fast

I go to school the next day
Tell all my friends
Tell all my teachers
Tell my basketball coach
That i'm leaving by the
End of the mouth

So good bye to my close friends thats not
Close anymore
Good Bye to life
Good bye to my home town

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