The way she used to be

March 23, 2017

She's just a girl who was once happy
She thought that she had it all
But now every day so painful
Waking every day seeing the sunrise is too much for her
Every love scene in a movie is too much to bear
Every time she unloads the dishwasher she blatantly stares at the knife
Just remembering who she was before
And remembering her she is now
All those people who told her not to do it
She has scars now
Scars that last forever

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BrokenJay said...
Mar. 29 at 1:18 pm
I know what depressions like.
Madihewitt05 replied...
Mar. 29 at 3:09 pm
I had a boyfriend and he broke up with me because I was cutting myself she was a horrible boyfriend and I I just couldn't stand being with a guy like that but also I couldn't believe I cried for about two weeks over the loss. Of my boyfriend. He was such a jerk to me so yeah most of what I write will be about him the most will be about my mom
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