To My Friends (SLAM)

March 19, 2017
By WhosKara PLATINUM, Milford , Massachusetts
WhosKara PLATINUM, Milford , Massachusetts
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Tell me to never age and that I look the same as I did the night of our first date
Just now a little more handsome and maybe a little more brave
I guess to catch you up I still live inside my mind
I just had another close friend die to the same disease
I still want to climb to the tallest tree but this time I don't want to jump - I want to just sit and enjoy the ants below me
As they watch with concern as I move closer to the edge
This isn't a note this is a message to my friends: Don't you ever for a second feel guilty of your scars
Or the time it takes for them to heal
The tattoos on our arms all tell stories of a time that we survived something so tragic
That we let a needle stab a masterpiece to make a statement to beloved in magic
No matter what it's permanent and I know
Not once not twice but many times we've thought suicide
But we didn't do it
We never put ourselves through it
We are alive and we are well
We might have fallen but past tense we FELL
We got back up to talk about it we are not pathetic
We just don't give ourselves enough credit

The author's comments:

I haven't written slam in a while. Here's my current state of mind

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