Her World

February 27, 2017
She represents strength at its peak

Her thoughts often wander to things that are bleak

Her mind is full of dangerous demons

Each passing day she weakens

Soon the darkness will consume her soul

Stealing away her life is their goal

But she is still fighting strong

She tries her hardest to dance to her own song

Love and determination allows her to coexist with the dark beings

They try to overpower her with their words screaming

Their harsh stabs may create an opportunity to leave

The exit closes when her pain is transferred to her sleeve

They have not yet achieved their succession

Her influenced brain may question

That life could be better is she listens

Light of positivity glistens

Her world still needs her around

Because is she wasn't, there would be so many frowns

Her universe of demons and love is swirled

She is my world

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