Dear Procrastination

February 16, 2017

I’m up at night doing homework,
I’m studying for a test,
You tell me “Go on YouTube”,
And look up Sports Plays: Best.


You whisper in my ear,
Like a devil on my shoulder,
And you’ve been coming back,
More often as I’ve grown older.


Every morning I wake up tired,
‘Cause I sleep at twelve or one,
That’s because you stop me,
From getting my work done.


At school you try to distract me,
From my important learning,
The longer I’ve put up with you,
More control I have been yearning.


Now I need you gone
To a decision I’ve arrived
No longer do I want you,
To make me sleep-deprived.


Get out, get out, get out,
You and I are finished--done,
Someday I will look back,
And know that I faced you and won.

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