February 13, 2017
By Garrett1.carrot PLATINUM, Enterprise, Utah
Garrett1.carrot PLATINUM, Enterprise, Utah
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As the sun sets behind the darkened mountains, as darkness pours out across the land like an overflowing fountain,
kids start dressing up as their idol superhero, or the demons they fear most.
From superman, batman, spiderman, and goblins, to werewolves, and chill producing ghost, they say farewell to their parents.  As they wander the streets to plunder in candy of all shapes and sizes. They’re so excited so they take off like a jet, They go from house to house saying “trick or treat!” walking away with their bags full with unknown prizes. Now there may be joy in makeup and costumes. They are still frightful sights and sounds with unholy volumes. Teenagers wandering the streets that night, always wanting to start a panic and widespread fright. Some for fun and some for scare, always treating like a county fair!
Pumpkins grow to make delicious treats and pies, being carved to make faces that scare little kids and even make them cry.
Whether or not teens are allowed out this time, they sneak off and pull pranks with fake spiders and slime! Now my time is gone and passed. I think it went just a little too fast. I now have to leave, mainly because I spilled juice along my sleeve.
I’m also starving, so I’m off to go eat. If you have any more ideas for poems just send me a tweet!
Just joking I don’t have twitter, I can’t believe a social web page is based on an innocent critter!
Anyway, I’m off and away; time to go eat,

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