Moose season

February 18, 2017
By khan.sahib GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
khan.sahib GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
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One day my friend and I
Went out to eat some apple pie
But there were none left
So we decided to do some theft
We started walking down the road
Following a man who looked like a toad
In his hands there was a pie
We were gonna take it, my friend and I

But before we could go ahead
We saw a sign, in bold print, it read
“Oh ye people of Cantaloose-
Ten thousand grand to whoever kills Nord the Moose”
Intrigued I wanted to know more
So we went to the bar next door
Over there we were told that Nord the Moose
Had been terrorizing for centuries, the people of Cantaloose
Anyone who tried to bring back his head
Was eventually found lying dead
So me and my friend, we gave them our word
That we would be the ones, who will hunt down Nord

So off we went into the woods
Our backpacks filled with hunting goods
As we passed by a lake
A haiku I decided to make
“Me and my best friend
Hunting for moose together
I want apple pie”
We searched for Nord over the course of the entire day
Finding that moose was like looking for a needle in a sack of hay
Nord’s only description was written by Jack
All it said was that his fur was black
As we woke up the next day
We saw the moose, just a few meters away
I tried to reach out for my gun
But the moose saw me, and towards us, he started to run

As the moose came charging down
I had half a mind to run back to town
There we had quite a fight
A true test of will and might
But in the end we shot him dead
Five bullets, straight in the head

So we brought back the head of Nord
And were given our due reward
And as we were getting paid
Another haiku I readily made
“We killed Nord the moose
Now we have lots of dollars
Let's get some pie

The author's comments:

Billy justs want apple pie, but he must hunt down Nord the moose first

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