Help me!

February 11, 2017


I'm all alone no one is around!
I'm yelling and screaming but even I can't hear a sound.
Is anyone there, can you see me?
Please tell me someone didn't leave.
I'm trapped in a cage with no door.
All I can do is cry on the floor.
I'm so close to escaping but I'm held back!
I see the light , however, it's fading to black!
Please I'm trying to show you my pain!
I guess all I'm doing is all in vain.
All I want is to be free and happy!
Although I can't find my way to reality!
What's that illusion, who is saying I'm fine?
Is… is that me, why am I saying that my life is on the line!?
Why does it keep saying I'm filled with hope!?
I'm bound by a chain like rope!
Please save me from this suffering.
I'm done with all of this lying!
Mom? Dad can't you find your child!
Can't you see I've been defiled?!
Is my destiny to be stuck in this pen?
I'm like a fish stranded and lost in the kelp!
Can no one here my pleads for “help”?

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